Adult Weekend


It took me a minute or two to remember what an adult weekend is like. Now I remember. I’ve been watching Abby for 6 days a week, sometimes this includes weekends, more often than not it included weekends until 2 weeks ago. Her mom took another job and kept the one she was previously working at as well. So, as of 2 weeks ago, she was off on Saturdays. ONLY SATURDAYS. She is now only working one job, Monday-Friday so I have free weekends. Oh my

Of course, I spent my first official no kids weekend with cowboy. We didn’t know how to act with grown-up time. What does one do, where does one go, how does one act? It was kind of weird but fun. Alone time isn’t something we’ve had a whole lot of since the grand-kids came along. I kept looking behind me waiting for a kiddo or two to appear. After awhile we decided to do what any normal couple who is d.i.v.o.r.c.e.d. and dating does, or maybe it’s just what this couple does.

We grabbed some CDs and took off in the old pick um up truck and rode around listening to some great country music acting like two teenagers. It reminded me of many weekends we spent taking a weekend drive only we’ve aged quite a bit since those younger years. I cooked so we could stay in for once and we laughed ourselves silly watching Brit coms. It was a little strange but I guess we’ll figure it out as we go. He sure did smell good.

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