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How A Small Greenhouse Can Grow Fruits In Your Garden All Year Round

A greenhouse is a carefully constructed structure that plays the role of being an independent microclimate. This makes it ideal for growing plants, fruit and vegetables. You can grow and enjoy just about anything in a summer garden, but what about the other 6 months of autumn and winter? Its very nature is closed and cut-off from the outside environment, which means you can also grow life during the colder seasons. Building a greenhouse is a large project, but the task can be made easier with the goal being to erect a small greenhouse which can be done on a budget, and take up little space in your garden. You can grow all kinds of vegetables, fruits and even flower plants, all within the same radius as each other, while on the outside, the weather may be raining or even snowing.

How A Small Greenhouse Can Grow Fruits In Your Garden All Year Round

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Location and size

If you don’t have much room in your garden, the ideal is greenhouse plan around 6 feet wide and 6-8 feet long. Make sure that your location does not have any issue, in accessing sunlight. Dig up the ground where you have chosen to build. Dig approximately 3 inches deep and then take the time to rake and flatten the soil, so the ground is even and ready for the seeds. Additionally, you could section parts of the ground, so each plant is separated from its neighbor, causing no clashes for resources as well as making it easier to know what is what. It’s best that you do not erect the greenhouse on uneven ground, as the structure will mainly be made out of glass, and tripping or building momentum can cause a dangerous accident. The height should be just over your head; however, the average safe size is 8-9 feet tall.

How A Small Greenhouse Can Grow Fruits In Your Garden All Year Round

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Preparing the soil

One of the most advantageous reasons for having a greenhouse is that you effectively don’t abide by the natural seasonal planting. You can simply plant and grow at whatever time of year you wish. First, you need to make sure the soil is sterile so that you reduce the risk of pest infestations and botanical diseases. Pouring fertiliser in the soil will give nutrition and sustenance to anything you plant.

How A Small Greenhouse Can Grow Fruits In Your Garden All Year Round

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Planting fruits

You can order fruit and berry plants online to fit your own taste. Growing soft fruits take the minimal of work compared to vegetables which need specific and round the clock attention. By growing such fruits, you have an at-home source of raspberries, blueberries, kiwi fruit, blackcurrant bushes and cranberries. The great thing is, that on average of 35 to 45 days most soft fruit plants are ready to harvest; so imagine growing these fruits at home, in time ready for Christmas to go in the main course or perhaps a dessert. A greenhouse gives you this option, hence why you should see it as an investment rather than for pure novelty or even just a hobby.


To heat your greenhouse during the colder months, buy an electrical heater as they’re simple to install and more economical than gas burning options. A small 120 or even a 100-vote heater would be an excellent warmth provider for your fruits. Equally, a waterproof thermostat is a good idea to see whether you’re maintaining the correct temperature. It will also give you a better indication whether to increase the heater if a few particularly cold days arrive.

Extra planning

To maximize the sun, you may find that a southern exposure position gives your greenhouse more sunlight and for more hours of the day than any other spot in your garden. If you have large plants, trees or leafy bushes that may block the sunlight around the greenhouse, it’s best to trim them or to move them to a different location. It at all possible, try to erect the greenhouse with the aid of a close by a fence. This would protect the structure which is mainly made out of glass from gusts of wind that may crack or dislodge the window placings.