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How To Welcome In The Wildlife

How To Welcome In The Wildlife


If you absolutely love wildlife and the animals that come with it, then why not invite to your garden? There are ways to attract life, and if your backyard has what they need, they may even decide to set up home there and share the space with you.

Here’s how you can encourage that to happen.

Plant a tree

If you don’t already have a tree in your garden, think about planting one. It doesn’t have to be something huge (unless you have the space and money for it.) Trees not only make a brilliant nesting area for birds, but squirrels will enjoy having a climb, as well as attracting insects including bees – and we all know how important our bees are!

Put up nesting boxes

Attach a few different nesting boxes to wherever you have an area that is sheltered, so this would ideally be under a tree. Scatter a few around so the birds have more than one option of location, as well as different boxes because certain breeds favour different styles. Put them up before spring, so you don’t risk disturbing the breeding season. You can also hang some bird feeders up too, filled with nuts, seeds, and berries. Have a look online for what kind of breeds eat what, so you have more chance of getting what you want.

Buy a bird bath

Bird baths are a great way to attract more life because they have so many different purposes. Not only to they feed animals, but they can use it as a hangout area to play it, take a break and even clean themselves. Just make sure it doesn’t freeze over in the winter, you can do this by pouring boiling water over it, just don’t let it unattended while it’s so hot! You don’t anyone getting burnt.

Create a ‘wilderness area.’

Leave an area in your garden that’s a little overgrown in terms of the grass. This will mimic how it would be in woods or meadow, essentially drawing animals in. You could even scatter some logs around, so it looks a lot more natural.

You can even buy special feed for hedgehogs and other mammals out there to entice them. Make sure you leave out some water too, and consider buying a little wooden hut for animals hibernate in the winter.

Or if you have a dog that you are worried about chasing them away or ‘playing’ with them – fence on property can be used to section an area off if ever they do decide to stay.

Grow wildflowers

Any wildflowers that have an open structure are great for attracting bees and butterflies because these types of flowers make it easy for them to feed out of. Over-bred plants that tend to have two head to a steam aren’t very good as they don’t provide enough nectar or pollen, so you may as well avoid these – unless of course, you think they’re beautiful anyway.

Now you can try some of these ideas out and see what life you manage to draw in from the outside.

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