Its A Photo Sunday Here In Georgia

Its A Photo Sunday Here In Georgia

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My trip to the hospital was HORRIBLE. Not at all what I had hoped or planned and I won’t get into some mistakes made by the staff. I’m not pleased, to say the least. However, I’m slowly recovering from my last bout of my back going on shutdown. I’ve certainly had better sit down days than I’ve had the past 6 weeks or so. Hopefully, the warm weather will help me out a bit and keep the swelling and inflammation to a minimum. That would sure help things considerably.

My office still sits unpainted but I’m learning towards pink and black. I just love the below curtains and I’ve been trying to figure out how I can use them in here and paint without it being too bold. I’m thinking pale pink paint and a wallpaper trim. I can’t find the right trim though to match the curtains. I’ve purchased curtains and valances by Jo Jo Designs before and I’ve never been disappointed yet. The only reason I’m hesitant is that I really don’t want to re-cover the love seat I have in my office that I sit on to review products and get familiar with them and of course to rest this back. It could become a costly task that I don’t want to invest in right now. But if I could find the right material at the right price I would go for it I guess. I know the colors are a bit different for an office but hey. I’m just different I guess.

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