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Kia Soul (no hamsters included)Test Drive

Test driving a Kia Soul has been something II’vewanted to do since the first time I saw the Party Rock Anthem, Hamster commercial. I have to tell you I was highly disappointed that the Hamsters were not included with this test drive. I envisioned them keeping my little grand stinkers entertained for the week ;).

have so many things to say about this car so I’m going to jump right in and get started. This car has Soul from the Bluetooth Wireless Technology to the advanced mood lighting speaker. The kids especially love the color changing lights and the speaker light pulsing and changing according to the audio sound. I must confess that I do as well.

The remote keyless entry has saved me from digging in my purse on numerous occasions. With the smart key I can lock the outside lock by pushing the button and unlock it the same way providing I have the key in my handbag or pocket; within 28-40 in. I’m amazed at how many things this car can detect. Time saver.

I have really enjoyed the 6-way adjustable driver’s seat. Being able to adjust the driver’s seat according to my height and frame really makes this one of the most comfortable cars I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving. The leather seats have a heat warmer feature in the front, although there isn’t one for the back seat.

The steering wheel is also adjustable and is equipped with every feature you could possibly need, right at the touch of your hand. It has the Bluetooth Wireless technology which allows you to create profiles, such as setting up voice recognition. You can turn the volume up or down from the steering wheel as well. This car does have the SiriusXM audio system except in AK or HI and if you’ve never heard how crystal clear satellite radio sounds, you are missing out. Also, having the Sirius XM Traffic feature allows first-hand knowledge of traffic information so you can reroute your trip if need be.

I took the Kia Soul on a little day trip to the mall to see how good the gas mileage was on the highway. I set it to ECO mode which is designed to improve fuel efficiency. You have the option of automatic or manual climate control. I have kept it on automatic. This would be a great car selection for families if you are looking for a vehicle that you can fit everyone and everything in. There is so much room in the entire vehicle. I’ll start at the front and work my way back.The front has a driver and a passenger seat. There is one long seat in the back and the hatch has an unbelievable amount of storage room. The rear seat can be laid down to provide more room if you need a lot of storage in the back. There are even individual compartments for items you don’t want to get squished, like bread, or eggs, or, really anything.

Safety is always a concern so I was happy to see the safety belt re-tractor internal locks feature. If you don’t know what this feature is, it locks the seat belt during sudden stops, turns or even collisions. This car comes with the child safety locks feature as well. There are so many safety features with the Kia Sport, I couldn’t possibly mention them all. It has the air bag warning light, front fog light indicator, seat belt warning light, air bag warning light and many many more safety features. The rear camera display gives me a peace of mind about backing up where children or pets could run behind me. This is the number one thing I think should be in all vehicles.

The Kia Soul has a sunroof and of course, the kids wanted me to open it even though it was freezing outside when I took them for a ride. That didn’t last long and we closed it. I’m certain in the summer it would stay open if the kids had anything to do with it.

I’ve touched on just a handful of features that I love about this car. From the interior to the exterior, this car is eye candy. It’s classy and affordable starting at $14,000. I hope if you get the chance, you test drive a Soul. For a great driving experience and a car packed with features, this is by far one of the best and most comfortable vehicles I’ve ever driven.

If you are going to be traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday like I will be doing, buckle up and drive safe.


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