Problem Tree In Your Backyard? What You Need To Know

Problem trees pose a real danger to your health and the health of your family. A large tree, depending on where it is, can fall and crash through your roof, or collapse on your neighbour’s roof, damaging their property.

What’s more, if a tree is on your land, you’re responsible for making sure it’s safe. Here are some options available to you.

Credit: Free Images
Credit: Free Images

Tree Removal

If you’ve got a tree that’s encroaching on your property, or on your neighbor’s property, it’s probably time to have it removed. Perhaps the tree has branches that are overhanging your property. Or perhaps overhanging branches are a risk to pedestrians and vehicles. Or perhaps you live in the Eastern US and a tree has been damaged in a storm. Fallen or damaged trees can obstruct vehicles and pose a threat to the rest of your property.

My advice is to avoid trying to remove the offending tree by yourself. This is particularly true when the tree has been damaged in a storm and the situation is uncertain. If a tree is partially fallen, a proper tree removal service will know exactly where to make cuts. If you try to remove the tree yourself you risk further exacerbating the problem. You’re also putting yourself and others in danger.

What’s more, a professional service has specialist tools available to reduce damage to your property. They’ve got things like cranes and bucket trucks to remove heavy logs safely. They also have special machines that can turn leftover tree stumps into mulch which can then be removed or scattered over your yard. This avoids leaving ugly scars in your landscape.

Credit: Free Images
Credit: Free Images

Tree Trimming

For some trees, though, the problems aren’t so severe. Perhaps it’s more about making your tree more aesthetically pleasing. Regular pruning and trimming of trees can really improve their appearance, make them safer and keep them healthy. Again, specialists with harnesses and the proper equipment can do this safely.

Usually, you’ll want to have an overgrown tree thinned. Thinning involves pruning back branches near to the trunk of the tree. The idea is that the remaining branches don’t have to compete so hard for sunlight and resources. The end result is actually a tree that looks a lot more vibrant.

But thinning can also be a way of improving a tree’s structural integrity. Removing problem branches now can help avoid problems down the line.

You may also want to consider having the tree skirted. This means removing the lower branches. I think this is an excellent way to open up a new space in your yard.

Finally, if you want to do something a little extravagant, you can have a tree “windowed.” Windowing the tree means cutting a hole through the existing foliage to reveal a view. Make sure your window is aligned with where you’re likely to stand when taking in a view. Not only is the visual effect stunning, a well-positioned window can open up a view of the city, or the mountains. And, remember, a great view can potentially increase the value of your house.

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  1. Thanks for the advice about what to do with overgrown trees that don’t need to be entirely removed. It is great that thinning the branches can improve the health of the tree as well as make it safer. There are several large trees in my front yard that I need to take care of. They have dead branches that I a worried may cause damage to one of the cars frequently parked underneath. I will look into getting them thinned.

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