The Real Reasons Why You’re Worrying

Most of us worry. It is probably one of the most universal of all human emotions. The vast majority of us have times when we are kept awake with worry or don’t know where to turn. In extreme cases, our appetite, energy levels, and even relationships might suffer for it. Occasional worry is a natural part of life and can actually spur us into action or encourage deeper consideration. But if it becomes chronic or interferes with our daily life, then it’s time to take control. There might be many external reasons why you’re worried. A heavy workload, change of circumstances, financial difficulty or family concerns can all be common. However, have you ever considered the possibility that the real reason for your worry is not outside, but inside? Problems are only really a problem if our reaction to them is negative. If we can see problems in a productive or positive way then they actually cease to be problems at all. No-one denies that there are several aspects of life that are genuine cause for concern. But we don’t have to let them rob us of happiness or cripple us with anxiety. In addition to our obvious problems, there may be several ways we are making the situation more difficult for ourselves.


You Haven’t Asked An Expert

Some of us are open with our worries and concerns. We find it easy to communicate with others and express our feelings regularly. Others keep their cards close to their chest. They might take a longer time to be open or struggle emotionally when they have to be expressive. There is no right or wrong approach. It is healthiest to simply be aware of the differences rather than try to change them. But whether you are an open or guarded communicator when it comes to problems, have you ever truly asked an expert? If you have a specific problem you may already have communicated it to friends, relatives, and even colleagues. You may not have said anything at all and even refused to acknowledge it yourself. But have you considered that it may, in fact, be such a worry because we don’t fully know what we’re dealing with? There are few more frightening things than the unknown. The worldwide web and other platforms give us easier access to experts than ever before. So whether you need a doctor, divorce lawyer, stylist or anything in between, ask the experts and watch your worry dissolve.

You’re Exhausted

There is no easier way to feel worried and overwhelmed than to try and face problems when we are exhausted. Many of us simply do not take our rest and relaxation seriously enough. Most of us have bad habits when it comes to sleep hygiene, for example, favoring screens and noise over silence and books. If you’re disproportionately worried, prioritize your rest and sleep. You will be more capable of responding to problems calmly and creatively as a result.

You Don’t Know What You want

If you are not being honest with others or with yourself about what you want, you will feel worried all the time. No decision will feel like the right one, and every minute will be taking you further away from your real goals and desires. Think calmly and clearly about what you want, what is preventing you from getting it, and what steps you need to take. Your worry will decrease as soon as you feel honest and in control.