Things I’ve Learned This Week And Want To Pass On To You!

Things I've learned this week and want to pass on to you!.

1. When everything is going wrong, drink lots of coffee, you will tinkle often and not have time to think about anything else. Don’t stop drinking. Just don’t stop. Everything’s better with coffee, right?

2. It might be a good idea to check every room in the house for leaks and check appliances to make sure they are working. I’m not sure how often. I guess before everything goes haywire. Homes don’t self-check themselves, who knew?

3. If an opportunity opens up for a nap. Take it. You will need it for #1. Coffee, bathroom, no sleep.

4. If anyone wants to help with anything take them up on it. It might not get done right or right away but you will have something to laugh about later. MUCH LATER. Oh yeah and it will end up costing you twice as much money in the long run, or three times as much, but who’s counting?

5. Don’t try to do everything there is to do on the one day a week you have a break. REST. REST. REST. REST. It will all be there tomorrow. The world will not come to an end.

WOW, I’ve only learned 5 things this week. Slow week 🙂 !

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