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Top 8 Things To Do In Ireland During The Fall Season

Ireland offers amazing spots for tourists during the fall season, but if you would like to enjoy awesome adventure it is better if you understood some of the things to do while in the country during this season. During fall, there are many events taking place that you might go along with to make your visit more worthwhile. From traditional music to creepy ghost tours and guided weekend walks, you will love every aspect of the things to do available for visitors.

Top 8 Things To Do In Ireland During The Fall Season

One of the ways you could get accurate information about the best things to pursue is consulting experts like Ian Leaf, who specializes in art and travel, reviewing some of the most interesting destinations across the world. Ian Leaf has compiled several things you could do while in Ireland in Fall and here are few of them that you might want to look at.

  1. Join a walking festival

If you choose a walking festival, you are offered guided treks, which are often hosted by rambling clubs. These walks span a few days and offer you an opportunity to learn more about the country as well as its culture and history. You are allowed access to hidden landscapes and while doing so you are accompanied by many other local walkers who are happy to share information about their country. One of the festivals highlighted in this case is the Fermanagh Walking Festival, which includes a 2,182-foot ascent of the Cuilcagh Mountain, something that gives a 360 degree view of the beautiful Lakelands region.

  1. Traditional Irish music

The foot-trapping music of the Irish people is something unique that compares to no other genre across the world. It includes various instruments like guitar, banjo, bodhram, uilleann pipes, flute, tin whistle, and concertina to mention a few. There are several musical festivals including the Mountshannon Traditional Festival hosted in Clare that comes towards the end of September.

  1. Go ghost hunting (Crumlin Road Gaol)

Between 1945 and 1996, the Crumlin Road Gaol served as a prison to hardcore prisoners and this is where many death convicts were confined, with 17 of them facing execution at the same place through hanging. Tourists walk through the long and dark tunnels that connect the courthouse to gaol, passing the execution chamber and eventually ending to the graveyard. Some of the things included to learn are tales of the convicts and those executed.

  1. Delight in autumn gardens

The colorful foliage of Ireland is enhanced by the two high-concept gardens that host colorful events. The Samhain Winter Garden in Rosscahill offers massive a earthworks depiction that highlights a sleeping woman, who represents the earth while the pool adjacent stands for life. There is a lot to learn as well as see in these autumn gardens, so expect to have fun.

  1. Horse racing festival

In Ireland, horse racing is followed religiously, and horse racing days are more about social aspects of life as they avail an opportunity for placing wagers. You will find National Hunt and jump racing among the most popular sports, and with these comes racing festivals that give a full-immersion experience.

  1. Enjoy fall harvest

For many centuries, the Irish people have held thanks giving festivals after every bounty of harvest, and this event includes sharing with neighbors and family. In mid September, you could take part in the Waterford Harvest Festival, which is all about the food sourced from farms around the region. You could learn through the cooking demonstrations showcased as well as enjoy unique meals prepared for visitors and locals during the festival.

  1. Appreciate the arts

Ireland also boasts of a vibrant arts scene that is showcased through many renowned fall festivals including the Culture Night, which is an intense night that offers free events on one Friday in mid-September every year. There are hundreds of performances and workshops to choose from, and these include gallery openings, dancing competitions, and different cultural performances.

  1. Surfing

Between September and October, Ireland offers visitors an awesome opportunity to ride the waves that dominate the sea side. If you are new to the sport, there are surf schools to assist you learn how to go about it without risking getting in accidents.