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Travel Insurance – Your Questions Answered

When you’re going away your mind can be on a number of things – what the hotel might be like, if it’s a nice area, how long the flight is and who is going to feed your pets while you’re away – and it’s easy to overlook a number of important factors, one of which is travel insurance.

Yes, you may well have already spent hundreds on your holiday but you can get budget insurance that will still cover you against anything that happens to you or your possessions while you’re away. Insurance is the kind of thing that you should never compromise on because if the worst does happen, you’re not only going to feel it emotionally or physically but financially too as you’ll have to pay for the whole thing, turning your dream holiday into a nightmare.

An all too common problem with holidays is that luggage manages to go AWOL. Somehow, you check your bags in at the desk and arrive at your destination to find that your bags either haven’t made the journey or they’ve been put on the wrong flight. In this instance, travel insurance would leave you eligible to claim compensation so you can go out and buy some clothes to get your through your trip while you attempt to locate your missing bags.

Another issue is that injuries and illnesses do occur. If you get bitten by an insect, for example, and have to go to the hospital then your health insurance may not cover you leaving you with a potentially hefty bill to pay.

With insurance a complicated subject in the majority of cases anyway, it’s a normal reaction for people to opt against taking out the policy, but rather than dismissing it because it’s confusing, here are a few facts to help you decide to take the secure option of getting covered.

  • Children are covered under the policy if they are younger than 21, traveling with you (as the policyholder), or dependent on you (again, as the policyholder).
  • Your premium can be reduced if you choose to increase your excess.
  • Travel insurance covers the costs of any medical treatment that you require.
  • You can cover your personal possessions such as cameras and tablet computers under the policy, although the limits vary according to the type of cover you take out.
  • If your flights are delayed or your journey is disrupted by factors out of your control then you can be reimbursed for any additional meals or accommodation – as long as the delay is more than six hours.

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