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Your Summer Capsule Wardrobe- Sorted

The capsule wardrobe is an awesome idea, and if your outfits are in need of a revamp for the warmer months, this could well be the answer. The idea is that every outfit can be worn with every pair of shoes, jacket, and accessories. Meaning you get a huge amount of outfit combinations without having to purchase a lot of items. Ideal for taking on vacation, but also great for your summer wardrobe in general if you want to update without spending a lot of money. Here’s how you can go about it.

Your Summer Capsule Wardrobe- Sorted


Staple Items

Your staple items are the main part of your capsule wardrobe. For summer, these could be as little as four or five summer dresses. Each could easily be dressed up and down with accessories, and if you choose well it won’t look like you’re always wearing the same thing. To do this, you’d pick items that were relatively plain in design for ultimate versatility. A plain white summer dress for example could be worn with gladiator sandals, a shrug and a floppy hat in the daytime. Or look equally gorgeous with heels and a blazer for evening wear. Have a browse through your favorite store or online. Alfred Dunner womens clothes for example give you a good balance of sporty and casual, or highstreet stores like Forever 21 give you on trend items at a relatively low price. Depending on how varied you want your summer capsule wardrobe, your staple items could also include jeans (white and pastel colors are nice at this time of year) shorts and/ or skirts.


Your summer accessories will include things like brightly colored statement jewelry, sun hats, and sunglasses. While strictly they might be more beauty related, it could even include vibrant summery nail polish and lipstick to really bring your outfits to life. Bags are another fantastic way to bring personality to an outfit and of course, are practical too. Inexpensive, brightly colored crossbody bags are ideal for carrying your summer essentials without weighing yourself down. Or you could go for fringe/ tassels to bring a bit of a festival vibe to your outfits. These things are all what will switch up what your base outfits look like, and over summer you can definitely have a little fun with it.

Your Summer Capsule Wardrobe- Sorted



The weather might be relatively warm in summer, but you’re always going to need some kind of outerwear. Whether it’s a rainy or chillier day or you need some extra warmth in the evening when the sun goes in, it’s worth having a couple of different options. A light cardigan for the daytime will do the trick, a neutral color and plain design will work with all of your outfit choices. And a blazer or fitted jacket looks smart for when you’re going out.


When it comes to summer footwear, it’s often better to buy cheap and buy often. In winter it’s worth investing in good winter boots or sturdy shoes that will last you for years to come. But flimsy summer sandals are never going to last long, so buy a few cheap pairs and bin them when the fall rolls back around. Metallic or white colored shoes will match all of your outfits, allowing you to mix and match (which is of course the beauty of a capsule wardrobe). For evening or dressy occasions, a couple of pairs of heels should get you through.





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