10 Most Unique Glass Pipes in the Weed Game Right Now

10 Most Unique Glass Pipes in the Weed Game Right Now

With the popularity of concentrates and vaporizing devices, you may think the time of glass pipes is coming to an end. But, you can’t ever replace the artistic design and smooth flavor of glass with a vape pen.

As new users opt to try the more discreet vaping options, seasoned smokers still find refuge in an aromatic, traditional glass.

Let’s face it: Unique glass pipes are fun to use and show to your friends. Plus, you know exactly what you are inhaling.

Here are the top 10 new but classic pipe designs.

1. Ray Gun Pipe

For the true jokester, this replica weed pipe of a ray gun will have you acting like a kid again. Remember when you used to chase your friends with a dart or a water gun? Well, now you can spray them with a puff of smoke.

You take hits from the attached bowl located at the handle so that the rest of the gun stays clean. It also makes it easier to clean since you don’t have to worry about reaching your pipe cleaner through the entire gun.

2. Glass Corn Cob Pipe

Marijuana pipes will never disappear, but those corn cob pipes you used to buy at the gas station might. Use this glass version as a memento to your early days of burning the heck out of corn cob.

The pipe mimics the shape of the corn cob, right down to the illusion of indentations in the bowl. The thick glass decorated in stripes and circles is attached to a long, thin stem. And unlike the original, this one is equipped with a carb.

3. Ceramic Magic Mushroom Trio

Secretly display this adorable mushroom trio on your shelf without anyone being suspicious of your weed smoking pipes.

The mushroom caps hide the mouthpiece and bowl and are easily removable to get your smoke session going. The bowl is made of metal, so the mushroom head screws on without breaking.

It is also portable, at only 22 centimeters high, so feel free to take it with you on the go.

4. Molecule Pipe

This 3-chamber flattened pipe looks unique and performs like no other smoking tool.

The triangle shape creates a separate chamber to collect resin and ash. That means you won’t get a nasty hit when the weed is just about gone.

Two spiral and zig-zag designs come in retro black and white or Rasta colors. Both include a connecting millie pendant covered in cosmic sparkle.

5. Maverick Glass Chillum

This modern take on the ritualistic Hindu tobacco pipe, first used in Northern India, now comes in a glass version.

You can include this chillum in social gatherings as one of your simplistic pipes for weed. It’s a straight narrow pipe with a mesh screen to filter ash. The top is lite as you raise the mouthpiece to your lips and pull as the weed is burning.

This piece does for weed what a quartz banger does for dabs: It uses high heat to create huge, clean hits.

 6. Cheshire Cat

Fall down the rabbit hole if you’re in search of trippy weed smoking pipes. As you enter Wonderland, you’ll find that this Cheshire cat piece glows in the dark — just like the real creepy feline!

The white eyes and mouth shine as the neon blue bowl and body light up like the midnight sky. This piece has a simple design but includes more character than most bowls.

It’s perfect for night concerts or sitting out under the stars during a camping trip.

7. Mustache Pipe

If you love weed pipes with some humor, then you’ll enjoy entertaining your friends with this pipe.

The gag is classic, with a typical handlebar mustache placed at the end of the pipe near the mouthpiece. When you and your friends take a puff, your persona will be transformed.

Who knows, this disguise might come in handy if you ever want to hide your identity while toking!

8. High Heel Pipe

If Cinderella lost this glass slipper, she might have never gotten it back. The prince would be baking his castle with it.

This truly is a royal piece that’s both dainty and durable. The 5-inch-long, 4-inch-high shoe uses 5mm-borosilicate glass to keep it sturdy.

You can use the heel as a handle as you take a hit from the back part of this beautiful piece. The front part is covered in decorative buttons to replicate a real high-heel shoe that sparkles in the light.

9. The Nightstick

If you were a weed smoker before the massive legalization movement across the country, then you might know this design all too well. But, on the bright side, you can use this nightstick as silent retaliation.

The extra-long shaft makes clouds of smoke large enough to call the fire department. And the handle gives it a nice grip for keeping the peace without breaking your piece.

10. Smokey the Bear

If you like irony and aren’t afraid of a little fire, then try this Smokey the Bear pipe. It’s perfect for containing the flames while enjoying a hike in the woods.

Your friends will get to stare back at a happy bear on the end of your bowl as you partake in a little fire safety drill.

Unique Glass Pipes are Collector Items

We’ve all had our fair share of unique glass pipes over the years. As we get older, we want to preserve and maintain our pieces for as long as possible. So, investing in a one-of-a-kind pipe has never been more essential to the avid weed smoker.

Leave a comment below to tell us all about your first or favorite pipe!