17 Qualifying Medical Conditions for a Medical Cannabis Card

17 Qualifying Medical Conditions for a Medical Cannabis Card

For decades, cannabis has been used for its powerful pain-relieving properties. While it was illegal for a while, many states have now legalized it for not only medical use but also recreational use as well.

Because of this, you may be interested in picking up a medical marijuana card and alleviating your pain through this venue.

In this article, we’ll discuss 17 qualifying medical conditions for a medical cannabis card.

1. Spinal Cord Injury

When you have spinal cord injuries, they may affect your motor skills. It’s been found that marijuana can help with both the pain and spasms, so if you have this type of injury, it’s very promising for treating your symptoms.

2. Cancer

Cancer is a devastating disease that kills millions each year. Unfortunately, marijuana can’t cure cancer, but it can certainly help with the symptoms. For instance, it can decrease the severity of nausea and pain, as well as stimulate your appetite.

3. Multiple Sclerosis

The symptoms from multiple sclerosis are similar to the ones from spinal cord injuries since it involves the spine and brain. You may have pain, issues with vision and balance, and spasms. Like with spinal cord injuries, cannabis can help with the pain and spasms resulting from multiple sclerosis.

4. Spina Bifida

Spina bifida is a birth defect that affects your spine. As you can imagine, it can be a hard condition to live with as you grow up and become an adult.

This condition can result in motor problems, as well as other issues with bodily functions. As with the other conditions on this list, you’ll also have pain and spasms. Marijuana can help to control both.

5. Syringomyelia

Syringomyelia is also a spinal condition. This is where you have a cyst inside your spinal cord. Like with spina bifida, you may experience several symptoms across your body, which most likely affect your normal functions.

One main symptom is pain which can be solved through surgery. However, if you can’t/won’t go through surgery, then marijuana can be very helpful in reducing your discomfort.

6. Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis happens when your spinal canal is compressed. This can result in cramping, numbness, and pain. Considering the symptoms worsen over time, using medical marijuana can help relieve some pain and let you lead a more normal life.

7. Arthritis

As people get older, many of them get arthritis. This is where your joints get inflamed; this can cause pain and stiffness.

Since there are over 100 different types, any part of your body can easily be affected, which can decrease your quality of life. Cannabis can provide great pain relief.

8. HIV and AIDS

With modern technology and medicine, thankfully, the majority of people with HIV and AIDS can live a relatively long and normal life. However, they may still have unpleasant side effects to deal with from treatment. Like with cancer, marijuana can help with pain and nausea, as well as improve your appetite.

9. Insomnia

Have you ever spent time with people who smoke marijuana recreationally? They may seem very relaxed and even ready to go to sleep.

This is because cannabis can make you drowsy. While that may not be a good side effect during the day, it can be extremely welcomed at night if you suffer from insomnia. It’s also believed that cannabis can improve your quality of sleep, so you’ll feel miles better if you use it for insomnia.

10. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

If you suffer from disorders such as Chrohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, some medical marijuana may help. Unpleasant side effects of IBD happen because of inflammation; cannabis can reduce those. It can also reduce pain and enable you to lead a more normal life where you can have better social functioning.

11. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye condition that affects your optic nerve. You may eventually go blind because of the intraocular pressure. Cannabis can help to reduce that pressure, which can then ease the symptoms of glaucoma.

12. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

For those who’ve had a traumatic event happen in their lives, it’s very normal to develop PTSD. While a great way to deal with this condition is therapy, marijuana can be beneficial as well, as it can reduce terrifying flashbacks.

13. Severe Epilepsy

If you have severe epilepsy, you’ll be able to apply for a medical marijuana card. This is because cannabis may help with the severity and frequency of the seizures you have.

In fact, in the state of Connecticut, you can even get a card if you’re under 18. Read more about this state’s extensive list of qualifying conditions on Namaste MD.

14. Parkinson’s Disease

With Parkinson’s Disease, you’ll get tremors in your body. Seeing as medical marijuana works well for spasms and epilepsy, it may be beneficial for people with this condition too.

15. Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell disease is a blood disorder that’s inherited from your parents. One of the main symptoms is pain and many medications are ineffective against it. Marijuana can be a great alternative to using opioids for pain relief.

16. Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a disease where your muscles break down over time. It can become so bad that eventually, you can’t even walk. Again, medical marijuana can help immensely in relieving acute pain.

17. End of Life Care

With very old seniors or the terminally ill, they may be suffering from a number of disorders and diseases. Every day may be painfully tough to get through.

A fact of life is we all must pass away at some time. While cannabis can’t prolong these people’s lives, it can definitely improve their quality of life massively. Medical marijuana can both relieve pain and make life more enjoyable.

Do You Have Any of These 17 Qualifying Medical Conditions?

If you have any of these 17 qualifying medical conditions, you may be eligible for a medical marijuana card.

So if you’re living life in pain and/or discomfort and you want to try natural pain relief before using pharmaceutical drugs, see if you can get a cannabis card first. This just may be a life-changing decision.

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