4 Important Things to Know About How to Use a Vape Pen

Vape pens have changed the game for THC and CBD users.

With vape pens, users get something discreet and compact that they can keep on them at all times. Vaporizers these days can be used with whatever substance you choose to vape with, making them a must-have for anyone that vapes cannabis products.

Today, we’re going to tell you 4 important tips for how to use a vape pen. They’re incredibly handy and easy to use, but they might look a little foreign to someone that’s never vaped before. It’s always good to obtain a little bit of knowledge before you jump headlong into a new hobby.

1. How to Use a Vape Pen

The first thing you should probably know about vape pens is that there are several kinds out there with differing mechanisms. Most of them will fall into one of two categories: disposable vape pens that you use until the e-juice is gone or reusable vape pens that allow you to replace the cartridge when you’re finished.

You can either get a draw-activated one or a button-activated one. With the draw-activated pens, you simply inhale and you’ll get vapor in your mouth. Button-activated pens are more common with reusable vape pens because they’re battery activated, as you turn them on and off by clicking a button on the side.

2. Adjusting Power

Among other features of a button-activated vape pen (rechargeability, variety), you can adjust the power and thus, the amount of vapor that comes out when you puff. To do this, most vape pens will have you click the side button 3 times and you’ll be able to adjust the voltage of the atomizer.

Be careful with how high you have the power. You could end up with a little more than you bargained for, so start with it on a lower setting, then gradually turn it up until you’re at a comfortable power level.

3. Cleaning Maintenance

You’ll obviously want to keep your vape pen sanitized, especially if you’re not the only one using it on a regular basis. Give it a good clean every now and then and you should be fine.

To clean it, simply take the vape pen apart and give the tank a good scrub with dish soap and water. If you’ve noticed your coil going black or a bad taste, you might want to consider replacing it.

4. How to Inhale Properly

Okay, now you’re ready to vape. Turn on your device if it has a power button and adjust the voltage so that it’s quite low. Start puffing on your vape pen and see how much vapor comes out, then adjust accordingly.

You can inhale one of two ways: direct to lung or mouth to lung.

  • Direct to lung: draw the vapor quickly and exhale immediately.
  • Mouth to lung: draw vapor slowly, hold it in your mouth for 2 seconds, open your mouth and inhale into your lungs, then exhale slowly.

Compare the two inhalation styles and choose what works for you, but don’t forget to experiment a little bit with each.

Vape On, You Crazy Diamond

Now that you know how to use a vape pen, you can finally enjoy THC or CBD products at your leisure. Pick up a vape pen today and try it out for yourself. Flavors are needed for vaping. The journey for your all-day vape begins as soon as you find the right vape liquid flavors. If you enjoyed this post, come back and visit us again for more on cannabis, CBD, and vaping.