4 Ways Cannabis Can Help You When You’re Stressed Out

Stress is a worldwide epidemic that affects millions of people of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. A survey by the Regus Group on one thousand corporations across fifteen countries found that six out ten workers experienced increased workplace stress.

However, stress goes beyond the workplace too. Interpersonal relationships, money, and other socioeconomic factors can cause people to become agitated and ill at ease.

While stress is the body’s natural way of responding to various stimuli, it can be very harmful if it becomes persistent. Studies have found that stress can worsen health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, gastrointestinal problems, and others.

If you are thinking of ways to effectively manage stress, you might want to consider consuming cannabis. Here are four ways that this drug can effectively help you when you are stressed out.

Helps You Sleep

There are several possible causes why people do not get good-quality sleep at night but stress can certainly be a contributing factor. Sleep disorders have become quite common in today’s day and age. In the United States alone, one in four Americans develop insomnia every year, according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to a number of serious health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease. Furthermore, when you do not get enough sleep, you become unproductive, groggy, unfocused, and anxious.

Cannabis can help you deal with the stress that has been affecting the quality of your sleep. If your sleeping patterns have been off-kilter lately because of stress, you can use marijuana as a sleep aid to restore your sleep cycle to its normal and healthy level. Marijuana is well-known for its calming effects, and this could help you achieve a relaxed state that is necessary for getting good-quality sleep.

Relieves Pain

Stress can manifest in physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, joint pains, and muscle pains. Experiencing these uncomfortable sensations can lead to lack of focus, irritability, and even more stress.

The solution? Cannabis. Marijuana’s pain-relieving effect is possible because the plant contains active compounds known as cannabinoids, which interact with the endocannabinoid system, the physiological system responsible for various critical functions in the body, including pain perception.

One of the cannabinoids is the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which stimulates the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, resulting in the activation of the brain’s reward centers while pain levels decrease. Another cannabinoid is CBD, which does not have any psychoactive properties, but it does interact with pain receptors in the brain to relieve pain and fight inflammation.

Eases Anxiety

Marijuana is becoming well-known as a treatment for mood disorders, but even before it was legalized and widely accepted, marijuana was already used by William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, the Irish physician credited for introducing cannabis to western medicine, to treat melancholia.

Popular anxiety medications like Prozac are notorious for having potentially serious side effects. Marijuana, on the other hand, is natural, and consuming it can be a distinctively enjoyable experience in itself. Certain strains like Northern Lights are popular for alleviating anxiety and improving moods. Northern Lights also has a distinctive smell that is a mix of sweet, spicy, and pungent.

Always consult a specialist when considering treatments for mood disorders. Furthermore, take time to learn about the cannabis strain that you are thinking of consuming. Each strain has its own unique benefits and potential side effects.

Helps You Socialize

Having friends can help you cope with stress. Your loved ones can give you emotional support and even advice when you are going through difficult times. If you have trouble socializing, marijuana could help you out as many stoners regard marijuana as a social drug.

Although weed certainly can be enjoyed alone, there are strains that are great for sharing and consumption in a social setting. This drug can help ease any anxiety you are feeling, and you’ll have a great time sharing the unique experience with the people with you.

Interestingly, the Rastafari movement, which is inextricably linked with marijuana, has a practice known as “grounding,” in which members gather together as a community to discuss important philosophical matters and issues. To facilitate a constructive and peaceful discussion, they pass a joint and smoke marijuana together.

Marijuana has certainly gone a long way from being just a recreational drug. Its medical potential is finally getting the attention it deserves, and lawmakers are responding accordingly with legalization efforts spreading far and wide.

However legislation is still in a volatile state with drug laws varying across countries. In fact, some employers can still require job candidates and employees to undergo dehydrated-urine, hair, and blood tests and other screenings for marijuana. With that in mind, always stay up-to-date with the latest cannabis laws in your workplace and community before consuming the drug, whether for medical or recreational purposes.

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