5 Tips for Long-Term Cannabis Storage


Cannabis enthusiasts and weed growers are often left with a unique challenge that keeps puzzling them all – how to preserve the goodness and the freshness of their precious cannabis. Long-term cannabis storage is the only way to ensure your buds stay fresh and potent, as well as full of flavor. 

Proper storage also helps prevent your stash of weed from turning bone dry or going moldy. If you want to preserve all the terpenes and cannabinoids, you’ll need to follow specific standards and meet some conditions to prevent your buds from drying fast and losing both potency and flavor. 

The trick with storing cannabis is to allow sugars to break down and preserve THC by preventing it from turning into CBN. Here is how to properly store your cannabis for as long as needed. Click here to read delta 10 edibles review.

Choose Proper Cannabis Containers

5 Tips for Long-Term Cannabis Storage


With proper storage containers and packaging, cannabis can remain fresh for a long time without being frozen. There is a wide range of cannabis containers for storing fresh buds, from pro glass jars with humidity control and UV protection to simple wooden boxes. 

If you opt for storing your top-quality products in weed containers, choose from the following options:

  • Airtight containers;
  • Dark glass with UV protection;
  • Wooden boxes, such as humidors;
  • Plastic vacuum bags;
  • Sealable stainless-steel boxes with lids.

We recommend adding a humidity pack to maintain the humidity in the container by keeping it optimal (60-65%). Seal your cannabis before storing it to remove the remaining air. However, do not compress it completely. Store your cannabis containers in a cool and dark place to keep them away from moisture, high temperatures, and light.

Freeze Your Cannabis Buds

5 Tips for Long-Term Cannabis Storage


Freezing your dried or fresh buds is an excellent way to preserve cannabis flowers in the long term. However, exercise caution to avoid damaging the cannabis under a vacuum. We recommend putting the buds in vacuum bags with zip locks and squeezing most of the air before sealing the bags tightly. 

Vacuum-seal your cannabis bags, place them in airtight containers, and store them in the freezer. Make sure the temperature is set below 0°C. This ensures your weed stays fresh, potent, and full of flavor for a couple of years.

Take special care when defrosting your weed, as you don’t want to spoil your buds by damaging the trichomes. The trichomes tend to become very brittle and fragile in low temperatures. When thawing your frozen, vacuum-sealed cannabis, try to avoid handling it until it’s completely defrosted.

Make Extracts and Concentrates

5 Tips for Long-Term Cannabis Storage


Freezing weed buds is necessary for making cannabis extracts and concentrates, such as BHO, live rosin, and bubble hash. You can select the best buds for processing and freeze them either dried or fresh. 

What matters is the temperature. It has the most profound effect on the consistency of extracts and concentrates, keeping them in a specific form.

For example, exposing shatter to room temperature leads to quality loss and clouding up. If you opt for freezing extracts and concentrates, use airtight, sealed containers.

Keep Your Cannabis Away from Light

Once you’ve placed your weed in mason jars and airtight ceramic/glass containers, make sure your storage solution is opaque. Light is an arch-enemy of cannabis, just like oxygen. Store your jars in a dark place, away from moisture and high temperatures. 

Thankfully, modern-day cannabis containers come with everything you need to ensure maximum freshness and potency of your cannabis.

If you’re unsure which containers to buy, look for those that come in different sizes of 4, 8, 12, and 16 ounces, boast airtight lids, and are layered with a jet-black silicone sleeve. 

Aside from providing a dark storage room and proper cannabis containers, you’ll need to maintain consistently cool temperatures. The temperature in the room should always stay below 25.5°C (78°F) to prevent mold from damaging your cannabis. Most serious growers consider 21°C (70°F) optimal.

Keep Your Cannabis Storage Clean

No matter what storage option you choose, make sure it is clean and dry.

Remove any dust from the jars and containers before filling them with your cannabis. Keep the storage sealed at all times to prevent air and pollutants from getting in. It would be best to spend as little time as necessary in the storage to keep any air pollutants and dirt at bay. 

Find a moderately dry, dark, and cool spot for your cannabis, trim off the sugar leaves, and separate the buds for the containers before you store them away.

If you’re storing edibles, use aluminum or paper foil for packaging. Vacuum-seal each package and store in the freezer.


Aside from storage, proper curing is also a mandatory step for storing your weed for the long term. Your storage journey begins with the process of post-harvest weed curing. Put together, proper curing and storage will ensure you always have a fresh and flavorful bud within your reach.

A dark and cool storage room can keep your buds fresh for months. If you need to store your weed for more than six months, we recommend freezing it.

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