6 best Healthy Relation building audiobooks for Couples


We often think of reading as a pretty solitary activity. However, it’s incredible when you have someone to talk about it, especially with our loved one, the partner of our lives. 

These six best audiobooks all time will help with the problems in the relationship, spark conversation, and may help to repair your damaged relations. If not, it will just help you relax and have fun.

1. Getting the Love You Want 

6 best Healthy Relation building audiobooks for Couples

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Written By: Harville Hendrix Ph.D

Year: 1988

Narrated By: Harville Hendrix Ph.D

Length: 384 pages

Ratings: 4.07

Relationship therapist Harville Hendrix, with his experience from two complete different marriages, created one of the most read-worthy books for couples – “Getting the Love You Want.” Thousand of copies has been sold since 1988 and Hendrix, together with his book, has been helping couples with their tragic for nearly thirty years. 

It is said that all we know is just tiny sand in the desert. We could never see the whole picture with a glance of an eye. For that reason, love is something we have to learn, too; it has never been easy. “Getting the Love You Want” is pretty much like a loving guideline for all lovers out there, would love to stay beside their partner for the rest of their lives

2. The 5 Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

6 best Healthy Relation building audiobooks for Couples

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Written By: Gary Chapman

Year: December 2014

Narrated By: Gary Chapman

Length: 209 pages

Ratings: 4.24

Intrinsic truths apply relevant and actionable wisdom for a long-lasted love are what you will find in this book of Dr. Gary Chapman. 

Chapman himself knows that it is harder to love these days. He comes up with an approach regarding showing and receiving love – of which he believes will help his readers with a healthier respect for themselves. 

A Couple’s Personal Profile Assessment is also added in the book to help readers with discovering how their love speaks. 

Practical, personal, and useful at the same time, reading this book is nothing different from chit-chatting with a wise buddy. Twelve million copies were sold and saved countless relationships. This book should also be in your bookshelf too. 

3. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

6 best Healthy Relation building audiobooks for Couples

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Written By: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Year: May 2013.

Narrated By:

Length: 477 pages

Ratings: 4.3

During the military-ruled department to West Nigeria, Ifemelu and Obinze are young, and in love.

Even with Ifemelu’s academic achievement, she still has to manage to live in America because of her skin color.  

Obinze wanted to be with her, but 9/11 posts close his door to America. 

These two people reunite in their hometown fifteen years later – when Nigeria has its new democracy. Together, they learn to love again – with one another and with Nigeria. Americanah is licensed for publication in 29 languages.

4. From scratch by Tembi Locke

6 best Healthy Relation building audiobooks for Couples

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Written By: Tembi Locke

Year:  April 2019

Narrated By: Tembi

Length: 352 pages

Ratings: 4.05

“From Scratch” is just like how it sounds, a whole love castle built on tragic by a dark-skinned woman, named Tembi.

She started loving the chef who comes from Sicily, Saro. His family shows their disagreement toward this cross-cultural marriage; nonetheless, these two passionate undeterred lovers consisted of moving to Los Angeles to build their new, private life. Fulfilled career, friendships, and a cute daughter were supposed to be the best time in their life; however, deep inside, both know that without Saro’s family support, the happiness could never be completed. 

They get back to Sicily, and, Tembi tried her best to reconcile with her husband’s family, ended up with disappointment.

In that small hometown, she found a cure for her relationship with Saro’s family. They are fresh nourishment, the community, and the tradition. 

Step by step, Tembi gets closer to her husband family, shows that she is more than just a dark-skinned person. Just like that, an incredible, unforgettable romance gets its way under million of pillows and to be one of the bestsellers of the New York Times

This book is not listed in the read-worthy, but a must-read one to everyone. It is not only a lesson about love, but also, a story about a real-life superwoman, surpassing her life’s tragic to get that happiness she deserves. 

5. I Love You But I Don’t Trust You | Mira Kirshenbaum

6 best Healthy Relation building audiobooks for Couples

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Written By: Mira Kirshenbaum

Year: February 2012

Narrated By: Mira Kirshenbaum

Length: 294 pages

Ratings: 4

Trust can either be the vitamin, or poison to a relationship. The issue of “ I love you, but I don’t trust you” plays with people’s mind, create doubts, lies, fights, and even breakups. That is why we have to say thanks to Mira Kirshenbaum for her advice regarding how to restore trust, and regardless of how that it diminished alarmingly. This book helps couples with consolidating trust between couples. 

6. 47 Little Love Boosters

6 best Healthy Relation building audiobooks for Couples

Image Source: Genuine Jenn

Written By: Marko Petkovic

Year: April 2016

Narrated By: Marko Petkovic

Length: 102 pages

Ratings: 3.0

It is a fantastic book to look at the problems of your relationship, starting from the early days to old days. Those who love to keep the romance going and passionate about love, this book is for you. This book also contains successful examples of love couples. 

This book also discusses the effect of one minute spent with them for saying that you love them. The book has a complete list of things you should do for your partner to make them feel loved that has not been done so far. Those would like to rework on their relationship, awaken the intimacy between two partners; this book is where they should start with. 

We all need healing our relationship at some point in our life. Best fantasy audiobooks is best source where you could get a lot of way to do it. If the option available to listen the book, that saves you from many other hassle. Happy listening!

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