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7 Must Have Power Tools That You Should Have

Many people who are just starting out in woodworking worry about the cost of power tools required to get started. The good news is that you do not have to break the bank to get the right tools. In my opinion, you need only seven tools if you are just starting out in woodworking. These tools are relatively inexpensive but you carry out a number of projects with them.

Below are the woodworking tools I recommend in their order of importance.

1. Circular Saw
Some experts believe the circular saw is more of a carpentry tool than a woodworking tool but I do not agree with this view. The circular saw is the most versatile hand held power tool out there. If you use this tool with a clamp-on straight-edge, this saw gives you as much accuracy as a table saw. With a circular saw, you can cut sheet goods like plywood and even medium density fiberboard. In my opinion, a high quality circular saw should be the first power tool on your list because it is definitely the most useful tool you need to get started.

2. Cordless Drill
It does not matter if you are operating in the wood-shop or on a job site. The cordless drill is the right tool for you. It comes in two speeds, it is portable and relatively easy to use. This tool is just right for beginners because it is a perfect combination of simplicity and effectiveness.

3. Jigsaw
This tool is also called a Sabre Saw and it helps you cut circular and curved patterns in stock. It is an effective and versatile tool and it is great for a beginner like you. Your best choice is the orbital-action corded jigsaw. This tool feels good to the touch and has a convenient blade changing system.

4. Table Saw
The table saw is the heart and soul of every woodworking operation so you should go top quality here. Note that the most expensive table saw may not always be the best and the newer models are not necessarily better than the older ones. Look out for durability and effectiveness and avoid “fancy” table saws that may not give you what you need.

Dewalt’s DWS745 Model is a solid table saw to own and it’s what I call the middle of the road type of saw. What I mean is, this table saw takes the “best of the best” when it comes to combining the efficiency of a cabinet saw, hybrid saw and a contractors saw rolled into one. It’s also lightweight and very portable for when you need more space to work. Before you purchase a table saw, check out Protoolzone’s top rated 5 table saws and compare your options against your needs.

5. Miter Saw
A compound miter saw is a great cutting tool and it is vital for woodworking. This tool is used to cut compound angles. It takes a bit of effort to use this tool correctly. However, once you can make precise cuts with your miter saw, you can give your circular saw a vacation and use the miter saw more often.

6. Paint Sprayer
You cannot carry out woodworking projects without a paint sprayer. This tool gives your work the perfect finish so you should choose a high quality paint sprayer that will give you amazing results. The right choice is the one that comes with adjustable spray nozzles. This will give you a huge advantage because you can use vertical, horizontal or round spray patterns. A versatile paint sprayer is the perfect choice for you. This means you can use the sprayer for staining projects and furniture painting.

7. Router
The last tool on my list is a quality router. As a beginner, your best choice is a router that has the ability to use Β½-inch and ΒΌ-inch shank router bits. You should invest in a router model that is at least 2-HP with variable speed controls. Mount your router on a router table and you can use it to carry out a number of tasks.

Final Words

These tools are essential to any woodworkers shop and help produce high quality workmanship. Before making any type of purchase, it’s always best to ask as many questions as possible. Find some in-depth reviews and tutorials to help guide the process and selection along.