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9 Incredibly Efficient Ways to Save More Energy in Your Home

Luckily for all of us, there is a growing awareness of the benefits of saving energy. Not only that it can lower our utility bills but it can also help preserve the environment. Here is what you can do to fit the trend.

Insulate your roof and walls

Well, depending on the materials popular in your region and the time your home was built, the chances are that the house is not properly insulated. When I say properly, I am referring to the modern standards and advancements in the building industry. What we are all interested in is preserving the heat in winter time, and keeping it out in summer. In order to do this, you need to make your house air-tight. Insulate your walls and your roof to ensure this.

Replace or repair windows

To achieve the air-tightness mentioned above, you need to make sure that your windows also make your home energy-efficient. If you have an older house with wooden window frames, sometimes you can actually see your curtains moving if it is windy outside. Depending on your budget, you can either have someone come and repair them for you by making sure no air can pass them, or replace them entirely. Repairing an old window frame, will not keep the heat in if you have a double glazed window, but a modern tipple glazed window can do this trick for you. Replacing windows on the entire house can be costly but it is worth the money invested. Certain governments offer to refund the projects targeted at making a home more energy-efficient on account of protecting the environment.

Rethink your heating system

Now that your house is properly insulated, you can probably afford to switch off some of the heaters. Depending on the type of heating you have, your hallway can probably only do with the pipes that are running through it or it can get the heat from the surrounding rooms. If you use your bedroom for sleeping only, you can keep it cold or moderately warm in case you do not like waking up in a freezing room. Also, the bathroom probably only needs heating when someone is using it to bathe or shower, otherwise it can get stuffy. What most people do is keep their bathrooms warm and windows open, which is simply wasteful.

Use alternative heating

There is a growing trend in the world of sustainable housing involving geothermal energy. What this means is that you are harvesting the heat from the ground and use it to regulate the temperature in your home. It uses as much electricity as it is required to operate a water pump which pumps the water into the central heating system in your home. As far as I am familiar, it will not be able to make your home hot during fierce winters but it will keep it warm and easier to add heat if required. If you come from a country with a moderate climate, it should be more than enough. Another plus side is that the same system can be used to cool your home, so there is no need for the AC.

Plant the greenery

First of all, minimize the paved surfaces in your yard and make sure that your lawn covers most of it. Pavement absorbs the heat when it is sunny and slowly releases it throughout the day. This is not helpful at all during summer when you feel like you are melting. The grass will keep the ground as fresh as it can be. Plant trees and shrubs around your home. They will provide the necessary protection from cold winds, and a refreshing shade in the summer. If you have windows which are constantly exposed to sunlight and, for some reason, you cannot plant a tree in front of them, put up sunshades and keep the windows covered.

Use energy-efficient appliance

If you truly want to be energy-efficient, have a look at your home appliances and check how much electricity they use. If you are not satisfied with your findings, start replacing your appliances one by one with the modern ones which will save up energy. Also, use only the appliances you truly need. Unplug all of those that are not in use as they also consume electricity.

Watch the lights

Lights are the greatest part of the portion of your electricity bill you cannot account for. Replacing your light bulbs will help you save a lot. CFL bulbs used to be really popular but people have started staying away from them as they contain mercury and are a health risk if they break. On the other hand, Azoogi LED lights are safe to use and they can save approximately 75% of energy when compared to your previous lights. Also, their lifespan is longer so you will need to buy them less frequently. Use solar lights in your garden. You can have one LED light to ensure enough visibility and make sure all of your decorative lights are solar-powered.

Install Solar Panels

Reusable energy is our future so start by doing the obvious and use solar panels to make your home one step closer to being sustainable.

Use smart gadgets

There are gadgets available on the market which can make energy saving a lot easier. Charging stations and smart power strips can take over the job of unplugging everything which is not in use currently as they register inactive appliances and block them from consuming the power. The energy management system can help you manage all of your electrical appliances. It can switch off everything for you, it can set off the heating, switch on the lights etc.

Doing this, you will get a quick return on all the money invested and you will also have invested in your children’s future.