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A 6 Point Plan For Your Overgrown Garden

Your garden, does it look the ones on the front of gardening magazines, or is it more like the before pictures in the garden nightmare sections? The ones that are overgrown, unusable, embarrassing, and out of control? Well, if it does, donโ€™t panic, because no garden or outside space is too far gone for the six-step plan below. In fact, by following the simple stages laid out in this post, you can achieve an attractive, usable outside family haven. Just read on to get started.

Step 1: Garden clearance

Garden clearance can be a minor inconvenience or a major chore depending on how bad thing have got out there. For super overgrown outdoor spaces, it can be useful to recruit the help of a professional garden clearance company.

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This is mainly because they have the tools and skills to be able to clear such are in a reasonably short space of time. With the added benefit that you don’t have to do the back-breaking work of chopping down trees, clearing acres of weeds, and turning over the soil yourself.

However, if the problem is not quite so far gone to be impossible, you can have a go yourself. You will, however, need to locate some specialist tools such as a strimmer, and a wood chipper, as well as protective equipment like gloves to protect you from thorns and splinters.

It can also be incredibly useful to have a plan of action when attacking a garden clearance. This is because it can be a tough job, and hard to see any progress until you are well into it. Happily having a plan can keep you on track and motivated even when you feel like you are not making much headway. ย 

Step 2: Beds and flowers

Once you have cleared the space in the garden, you can move on to dealing with the planting and making it a more attractive place. However, to get the results that you want with the flowers that you choose for your garden, you must first do a little detective work.

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This includes finding out what pH the soil is, as well as its consistency and then matching the choice of plants to it, picking only ones that are known to grow well in those conditions. It is also important that you consider the placement of the plants and flower your garden. This is because certain varieties will not flourish when planted in shady areas, such as under the branches of a tree or in the shadow of a tall building. While others will be quite happy in that sort of location.

Step 3: Family areas

Something that it is a particular joy to have in a family garden in a space in which you can all eat together. To do this, you can install a raised deck, or a patio, and even put a sunshade over the top to protect you all from the extremes of the weather.

It’s likely that you will want a table that you can all sit around as well, and a picnic-style one with attached benches is a popular choice for this. Of course, you can purchase one of these for your garden, although varieties that will seat a larger family comfortably are often surprisingly expensive. A good solution this case is to roll up your sleeves up and make your own. Something that isn’t as complicated as you might think.

A picnic table is a practical solution for outside seating.

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To build your own picnic style table, you will need some particular resources and equipment though. These include wooden boards, pressure treated boards are the best, as well as a power drill, bolts and washers, screws and a miter saw to cut the angles on the supports. You can find out more about these types of saws at sites like Tool Nerds, as well as get some tips on how to use them if you haven’t done so before. Something that can definitely help your project progress more quickly and with the minimum of hassle.

Step 4: Play areas

It is also a fabulous idea to install some specific equipment for the kids to amuse themselves with. You can even go so far as to create special play areas for them.

Typical garden play areas include things like slides and climbing frames, as well as sand and water amusements like these. A Wendy house is also a great choice to keep the kids amused in the garden, and there is a huge range that you can choose from on the market if you don’t fancy making it yourself.

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Step 5: Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are an essential part of any garden, and they can be used to create a little outdoor haven for you and your family. To do this, you can use trees instead of, or as well as traditional fencing, as they can provide privacy from the neighbors, while still looking attractive and fitting in with their natural surroundings.

Shrubbery is also great for delineating different areas of the garden. It can also be used for proving ground cover in beds that are used for seasonal flowering plants that would be bare for most of the year.

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Step 6: Lawn

Last, of all, the crowning glory of any gorgeous garden is a green and lush lawn. Unfortunately, achieving this can be something of a challenge, especially if you are working with an unhealthy and patchy foundation.

In fact, it can sometimes be easier to achieve the best results if the lawn is non-existent, as then you can lay turf that will bed in quickly and give you lush green results.

However, if you are looking to revitalize the grass that is already there, consider using seeds with added fertilizer on the brown patches, and don’t forget to aerate the lawn regularly.

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You can do this with products like aerating shoes, as walking in them over the grass allows air and water to reach the roots, enabling it to grow lush and strong. Something that will result in a beautiful, healthy lawn that is the perfect finishing touch to an outdoor relaxing family haven. ย