A Different Kind Of High: Why You Should Try A Cannabis Distillate Instead Of Traditional CBD Oil

A Different Kind Of High: Why You Should Try A Cannabis Distillate Instead Of Traditional CBD Oil

CBD Oil has enjoyed its place in the green spotlight for a while now.

However, it might have to move aside because there’s a new challenger coming. Cannabis distillate, nicknamed “The Pure”, is a bright new star in the concentrate market. Appearing as translucent oil, it packs a real high kick.

There are a couple of other reasons you may want to try this product. First and foremost, it’s not your typical cannabis extract. Compared to most CBD oils, distillate offers prime quality.

The product is the result of an extensive refinement process, which unlocks superior potency. Compounds such as THC and CBD are broken down into pure individual solutions. 

Some you may be saying “wait, isn’t the body of evidence quite limited”? Yes, most methodologies are proprietary or patent-pending. But, what we know so far is more than promising.  

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Beauty of Pristine Form

To understand what distillate does, we first have to examine how it’s made.

To bring this novelty to life, distillers didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. They relied on tried and tested botanical, high-heat extraction techniques.

Essentially, the distillation process pulls cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes from a mature cannabis plant. As you may know, the interplay of these three compounds produces the quintessential marijuana experience.

With distillates, the goal is to isolate cannabinoids into a pure state. In order to do that, one has to follow a set of refinement steps. They bring about what is known as fractal or short-path distillation.

The key technique is CO2 solvent-based extraction. It eliminates volatile compounds from the plant, leaving others, such as fats and lipids. Winterization is the next step meant to do away with this unwanted residue.

Finally, decarboxylation comes into play to heat the elements to the point of releasing their medical properties. Through a handful of additional techniques, distillers manipulate varying boiling points of compounds.

That’s how they achieve desirable purity.

The Next Stage of Marijuana Evolution

The end product of distillation is a single compound oil stripped of unnecessary compounds.

Namely, all the impurities have been removed from the original plant. You don’t have to worry about any leftover chemicals and additives. Pesticides are the only nuisance to speak of.

What you’re looking at is up to 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled cannabinoid. And make no mistake—this is unmatched purity worth more than any other consumer product.

Therefore, lack of flavors and aromas (a consequence of missing terpenes) shouldn’t fool you. With exceptional cleanliness also comes potency.

Whether you get high or not depends on the basic cannabinoid. THC distillates are known to induce a state of great highness, alongside benefits like pain relief. That’s because they are almost pure THC in content, while the most potent strains top out at 30%.

The takeaway is you might want to be careful. It’s not uncommon for people to get too high way too fast.

On the other hand, CBD distillates bring therapeutic and health benefits instead of a typical high. You can, for example, utilize them to treat symptoms of psychosis.

The only downside is some distillates possess weaker therapeutic impact (entourage effect). This is another implication of removing terpenes, albeit one can add them later down the road.

The Holy Grail of Cannabis Realm

As we’ve indicated, pure oils contain minimal residual flavor, taste, and aroma.

This makes them a perfect addition to a wide array of products, including edibles and topicals. In other words, you can combine individual compounds the way you see fit. Moreover, it’s possible to do it with the utmost precision and control in terms of ratios.

The most common types of distillates are THC and cannabidiol oils. Naturally, the name of the oil tells you which cannabinoid is predominant. Apart from this, distillates are a base for many edibles and vape products.

What unites all distillate varieties is the cannabis purification process behind their inception.

Level of overall customization is unparalleled. Let’s say you want to strike a sublime CBD-THC balance. Well, distillates are an ideal testing lab for accomplishing such an objective.

How to Go About Cannabis Distillate Consumption?

Another great thing distillates have going for them is ease of use.

You can ingest them on their own, orally or sublingually. Some users do it via a thermal application, while others favor vaporization and inhalation (dabbing, for instance). On top of that, distillates can also be consumed out-of-the-box or used to intensify the experience of smoking a joint.

Dabbing and vaping emit an odorless vapor and the effects kick in right away. For these two reasons, many consumers already swear by distillates.

When it comes to edibles, distillates are an appealing solution, as they spare you the plantlike taste. Oh, and for those DIY enthusiasts among you, about 5 milligrams per serving is quite enough.

All in all, the application potential of distillates is immense. We’ve only scratched the surface so far in terms of powerful medicinal and recreational combos.

Just note that while any type of cannabis oil can serve as a base, not all cannabis oils are distillates. In order to qualify as such, the oil mustn’t possess any material other than cannabinoid.

If you need more clarifications, check out this guide on THC and cannabis distillates.

The Green Gold Rush is Underway

Distillates are poised to set new industry standards for extraction and refinement.

Owing to superior properties and sheer versatility, we expect them to dominate the legal green market in years to come. They are already worth their weight in gold. This price tag is the only drawback we can think of.

And it brings us to the final point.

If you think it’s easy to get into distillation, think again. The procedure is expensive and complicated. It requires specialized equipment and bears health and safety risks.

Not only that but in many jurisdictions, it’s illegal to do it.

Thus, distillation is best left to professionals. This is to say chemists working in actual laboratories with automated systems. The good news is there’s no shortage of reputable providers flooding the market.

It’s a really good time to be an avid cannabis consumer. Just make sure to educate yourself and consume responsibly. No need to throw caution to the wind.

It’s Easy Being Green

The cannabis market is booming rapidly and brimming with innovation.

We’ve moved a long way from the buds-only state of affairs. Look no further for proof than distillates, which are making big waves. We can thank the cutting-edge distillation process for having THC and CBD compounds upwards of 99% purity.

It’s all an exact science working with precise amounts and yielding predictable outcomes.

Thus, pure, potent, discrete, and versatile, cannabis distillate could be the future of cannabis concentrates. In our opinion, it’s already the best product money can buy.

So, feel free to consume it on its own or in other cannabis-based products. Start small and gradually increase the dosage.

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