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Are You An Engine Genie? What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Fix

Nobody knows how to fix a car these days. And why should we really? There are mechanics and people around to help with the major issues, and all we need to do is make sure there’s gas in the tank. But in learning how to fix certain parts of your car can be a time saver, money saver, and a life saver! And yes, there are plenty of little fixes you can do yourself, but you may feel so confident that you can do anything, and this is a big no-no! So, what can you fix, and what shouldn’t you fix?

You Can Fix…

Are You An Engine Genie? What You Should (And Shouldn't) Fix

The basics. The battery, the windshield wipers, even the wheels can be done with ease. But make sure you get a proper understanding of how to fix the problem first. You can download instruction manuals for your model. But there are plenty of videos on YouTube to give you a step by step guide if you really can’t get on board with an instruction manual! Make sure to have all of the tools handy before you start your part-time mechanics career!

You Shouldn’t Fix…

Are You An Engine Genie? What You Should (And Shouldn't) Fix


The transmission. At its most basic, the transmission contains thousands of tiny parts and narrow pathways for the hydraulic fluid to travel, and it is not worth your time and effort to figure it all out. It’s best to leave it to professionals. There are plenty who specialize in hydraulic fluid changes as well as oil changes, and while you might think they cost a pretty penny, you can check out the average Jiffy Lube oil change cost and price list and see how it measures up to your local mechanic. With oil changes and fluid replacement, it’s always better to go with a reputable place rather than a mechanic you’ve heard nothing about. And it would work out cheaper to get a professional to fix your transmission than it would be for you to purchase a new car!

The heating. Some would argue that you can fix this yourself, as you can replace the thermostat or the hoses, but if your engine has already overheated, you’re much better to have a mechanic to sort it. The warning lights should let you know well in advance, but a real mechanic is better to fix it. You can try to fix it, but be warned, if you end up making a mess of it, it could set you back a few thousand dollars!

The suspension. A lot of suspension parts, like the bushings or arms, look like they can be replaced easily, but it’s terribly dangerous to try and replace something as small as a spring in the suspension as they have quite a bit of force and could easily cause you some damage too! If you don’t know what part of the suspension relates to what, it can cause a lot of damage to parts that were fine in the first place, and it’s like watching a set of dominos fall! Don’t try this at home!