Branson, Missouri Travel

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I haven’t been to Branson, Missouri for some time and let me tell you its time to go back.  Autumn is definitely our favorite time to go,  the crisp fall air andContinue Reading

Brown Rice Recipe

Another rainy day here in Georgia so I’m entertaining Abby by helping HER cook :). She picked out pork chops (which I did fry in extra virgin olive oil so I don’t feel too terribly bad about eating some) and brown rice. When I first tasted brown rice I wasn’tContinue Reading

Butterfly Nectar

There are more ways than just planting butterfly attracting plants to draw the attention of butterflies to your yard. Since Abby loves Butterflies and loves to chase them even though she’s never caught one (thank goodness), we keep out nectar for the butterflies from spring to autumn around the house.Continue Reading

Dragging and lagging

I can’t get going today, and Abby is bright eyed and bushy tailed on this beautiful Saturday. We stayed out too late last night but it was fun. *yawn stretch* I gave her a camera and sat outdoors while she worked off some of her energy. She’s becoming quite theContinue Reading

Kinchafoonee Cowboys

Yee haw! We are going to a concert (Kinchafoonee Cowboys) tonight. It’s going to be a rainy night so my back will be a little achier (or a lot more) than normal. But that isn’t going to stop me! UPDATE: I had to add a few photos although they’re notContinue Reading

Here there everywhere

Had a good day, actually a great day, out and about with Renee. I got a few photos (for memories sake) that I like, the train was my favorite subject of the day. No one died. I’m not sitting in jail. Yep, it was a pretty okay day! Can’t guaranteeContinue Reading

The Happiness Project

My 12 Projects: 1. Forgive Me. 2. Treat Myself As I Would Treat Others. 3. Be classy. 4. Experiment—get out of the rut; boredom will kill you and your relationships. 5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. 6. Get Outside. 7. Become the Person I Want To Be. 8. Baby Steps.Continue Reading

No NY Resolution

I did not make any new years resolutions, in fact, I made a resolution not to make a resolution 😉 However, I want to clean up 2010, learn something new, and try something new. Life is amazing. 2011 A little less and a little more. Time to find the balance.Continue Reading

A great day

I had a nice day today, what a great day to be alive. I got out of the house and took some photos. I’ll upload them to Twitpic soon so I can add them to this post. I took a handful, not many. Mainly it was just a need toContinue Reading

Not Friday The 13th

I’m having a bad day today, which sucks because it is so gorgeous outside. I got to town to take back some library books only to realize when I got there that I forgot to bring them duh! While I was in town (library book-less) I called to check onContinue Reading

Yes! I survived week one of fall semester :)! I am at home for the weekend and am going to enjoy being lazy in my jammies today. I believe I am really going to enjoy my professors and classmates this semester. I am very excited to be at both campuses,Continue Reading

UPDATE: I didn’t accomplish very much that I wanted to today. I decided to string the cleaning along so I don’t injure my back or irritate it any further. I took my time and piddled around the house, and spent some time with Tiffany because she was off today. TomorrowContinue Reading