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Bring A Little More Wildlife Into Your Back Yard

Avid followers of my blog will know that I love nature and several years back I actually posted about how much Abby loved butterflies. We planted some flowers in the backyard in the hope of attracting a few, and it worked a treat. Looking back at this past post has made me wonder whether there are any other ways you can bring more wildlife, birds, bees, and nature into your backyard. If you’re tired of the chirps from your phone being the only tweeting that you hear through summer, this might be the post for you.

Let It Grow, Let It Grow

Bring A Little More Wildlife Into Your Backyard


Sorry, I had a Frozen flashback there….anyway, if you want to attract more wildlife to your garden, you might want to think about letting it grow out a little. Aim for a wild and unkempt garden, and you’ll soon see more wildlife venturing in. You have to remember, that animals are basically looking for a safe place they can call home. So, you’ll often find them nestled under wooden logs in your garden or concealed amongst long grass. If your yard is a little too perfect and pristine, you probably shouldn’t expect to see that many critters at all. That might be exactly how you like it, but if you wouldn’t mind seeing a rabbit hop across your garden in the evening, let it grow a little more.

Flowering Beautifully

Bring A Little More Wildlife Into Your Backyard

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Or, alternatively, you might want to bring the bees back to your garden. As we know, bees love pollen, so if you want them buzzing around your garden, you’ll definitely need to plant some flowers. Don’t forget that flowers also add a little more color and life to your garden, ensuring that it looks absolutely radiant through the summer months. If you’re not sure about which flowers to plant to attract those fluffy yellow and black cotton balls, have a look online. You’ll discover that there’s actually a wildflower honeybee flower, so the clue really is in the name. You can find out more and even purchase a few on

Gone Fishin’

Bring A Little More Wildlife Into Your Backyard

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Perhaps you’d like a unique new part of the garden. If that’s the case, you could consider building a pond and filling it with some fish. Building a fish pond isn’t that difficult. You just need to make sure you have a pump. If you browse a site such as, you’ll see that there’s a pump for each type of pond. Once you have your pump and have chosen some freshwater fish, make sure you cover it with something. Otherwise, it can seem like an all you can eat seafood buffet for birds, and you don’t want that.

Feed The Birds

Bring A Little More Wildlife Into Your Backyard

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After all, why not and a great place to start would be to get yourself a bird feeder. You can hang this up on one of your trees in the garden. Or, if you don’t have any trees, you might want to try attaching it to the wall or the fence. Within a few days, you will see birds frequent it, and it won’t take long for word to spread.

As you can see then, there are lots of fantastic ways to brings some wildlife back to your garden.