Buy Ethanol: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know ‌it takes approximately 6 minutes for the brain to react to alcohol? Now you know. 

Some people use ethanol as more than an alcoholic beverage. Those uses include making cosmetics, sanitizing, fueling their vehicles, and many more. 

If you’re one of them, you might wonder where to buy ethanol. Then this article is for you. 

Read on to know how to select and buy the best product for your needs.

What is Ethanol?

Alcohol, Grain Alcohol, or Ethyl Alcohol is a clear-colored, flammable solvent essential for many industrial processes. Companies manufacture the liquid by fermenting carbohydrates such as beet, corn, and sugarcane with yeast cells. 

Another method is ethylene hydration, where you catalyze a large mixture of ethylene and steam under extreme temperature and pressure.

How Do You Select Your Alcohol Grade?

Some companies offer custom alcohol grades. And that process makes your shopping experience easier. Here are some ‌things you would consider before buying ethanol:

  • The product’s water content.
  • What’s the alcohol content (% Purity or Proof of Alcohol)?
  • Impurity Profile (Residual Solvents, DNase / RNase absence)
  • Production Standards (USP, FCC, ACS)
  • Denaturant (Yes/No) and Type
  • Is it Food Grade Ethanol?
  • Is it Lab Grade Ethanol?
  • Is it Reagent Grade Ethanol?

Types of Ethanol in the Market

Pure Ethanol

This product contains ethyl alcohol, water, and other additives. Under this classification, you’ll get anhydrous alcohol and the one that companies ‘cut’ to a certain percentage. Note that this type of ethanol is liable to federal excise tax and permit requirements.

Specially Denatured Alcohol (SDA)

Companies add denaturants such as ethyl acetate, methanol, isopropyl alcohol on this product. Moreover, you’ll get different subclasses on this type labeled in numbers for easy identification, as they all have various applications. 

For example, you can use SDA 38B as a mouthwash. You’ll need a permit to use this product.

Completely Denatured Alcohol (CDA)

This product has stronger denaturants than SDA. The compounds include kerosene and gasoline. And for that reason, you won’t pay taxes or need a permit for this class of alcohol.

Special Industrial Solvents (SIS)

Does your company need denatured alcohol? Then SIS is a good fit for you. Manufacturers add denaturants to the product. And thus, you don’t need to show a license or pay a tax fee.

Reagent Alcohol

This product is a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and SDA 3A. The additional denaturation makes the product suitable for laboratory work. Moreover, you don’t need permits or tax payments.

Where Can You Purchase Ethanol?

1. Buy Ethanol from Chemical Suppliers

Chemical vendors sell any type of alcohol you need. For example, you can get laboratory-grade ethanol for specimen preservation. The suppliers also sell ethanol in high volumes of up to 210 L.

You don’t need a permit to buy ethanol from chemical suppliers. Manufacturers have already denatured the solvent, making it foul-smelling, bad tasting, and poisonous. And therefore, that process renders the adulterated alcohol unsuitable for human consumption.

2. Order Ethanol from Online Stores

You’ll get a vast catalog of affordable ethanol from websites such as Amazon and E-bay. The websites sell alcohol grades such as pure ethanol and medical-grade ethanol. Moreover, you’ll benefit from hassle-free shopping due to reliable delivery services.

Some states have laws prohibiting ethanol sales. Therefore, ensure you consult your vendor’s website and the legalities of alcohol purchase in your area.

3. Pick Up Ethanol at Shopping Centres

You’ll find ethanol-based products such as fuel stabilizers, fireplace fuel, and gel chafing fuels in physical shops. Moreover, big malls partner with other stores to provide denatured alcohol. However, the availability depends on where you live and the stock sold.

4. Buy Ethanol-Gasoline Mixture from Fuel Stations

E85 is a type of ethanol-gasoline mixture that has anti-knocking properties. And vehicles, known as Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs), thrive on that type of gas. The car models include Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Ram, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz.

5. Purchase Ethanol at Your Local Pharmacy

Do you need an antiseptic? Then your local pharmacy probably has that in stock. You might not get pure ethanol, but it’ll be 70% ethyl rubbing alcohol. And don’t worry, the solvent is still effective in killing microorganisms such as COVID-19.


Ethanol is a valuable solvent, with uses ranging from industrial processes to the household. And purchasing the product isn’t as hard as it might seem. 

Because all you have to do is know why you need the alcohol and choose its grade following that. Tax and permit requirements depend on whether the manufacturer has denatured the alcohol.

You’ll get ethanol from chemical suppliers, online stores such as Amazon, or your local pharmacy. Ensure your vendor has an excellent reputation for a smooth transaction.

About the writer: Nikolay Stoyanov and his company CBD Advertising Agency are a team of cannabis marketing experts with over 6 years of SEO experience. 

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