Can You Really Have A DIY Wedding?

If you’re getting married this year, you may already be dreading the huge bill that will come with it. Most of us know that a wedding requires making a few sacrifices for it to stay within the budget. But what can you do if the budget you have is too small even for the dress? Can you have a beautiful wedding without all the extravagance of boutique dresses and luxury venues?

There are lots of things that you and your friends can manage yourselves to create a stunningly beautiful day. It’s not easy, but with a little time and a lot of help, it can be done. Many of your guests may prefer to offer help as an alternative to buying you a wedding gift. Perhaps some of them have some special skills or resources that could come in handy?

Start with your wedding invitations. There are lots of online resources that can offer you beautiful wedding stationery for free. All you need is about sixty seconds online and a home printer! You can choose from dozens of beautiful designs, and then print them out on the paper or printer card that you like. Quick and easy!

Next, you need a celebrant. To legally marry, you will need to check the credentials required at your local registry office. However, you may be able to ask a friend to perform the ceremony. You also need to check if you need to be married in a particular venue like the city hall to make it legal. There may be a small charge to do this, and registering your intent to marry (or getting a license) could also incur a fee.

Your wedding reception can, of course, be held anywhere you like. Maybe your parents could host it, or perhaps you can find a friend with a gazebo for the garden? Decorating your venue can also be done by you and your friends. If you’re good at sewing, you could try our rag hearts banner. Perhaps you can intertwine artificial long-stem flowers into a garland?
The dress may be a challenge, even for a competent dressmaker. Hiring is always cheaper than buying unless you find something easy to alter in a charity store. Perhaps you can wear the dress your mother wore? If you are making a dress, it might be easier to adapt something you already have. You don’t have to wear white, after all.

The cake is perhaps the yummiest part of a wedding. Fortunately, there are plenty of great wedding cake recipes available online. You’ll need a nice cake base that can be purchased very cheaply. If you are tiering the cake, you might need to buy posts as well. The quickest, cheapest and easiest way is to bake cupcakes. These are very popular and save you the hassle of cutting and wrapping slices for guests to take.

A wedding can be done very cheaply if you and your friends have the time and expertise to get involved. Best of all, it can be a very personal experience when you don’t use a planner or a big budget. What will your wedding look like this year?