Dragging and lagging

I can’t get going today, and Abby is bright eyed and bushy tailed on this beautiful Saturday. We stayed out too late last night but it was fun. *yawn stretch* I gave her a camera and sat outdoors while she worked off some of her energy. She’s becoming quite theContinue Reading

Kinchafoonee Cowboys

Yee haw! We are going to a concert (Kinchafoonee Cowboys) tonight. It’s going to be a rainy night so my back will be a little achier (or a lot more) than normal. But that isn’t going to stop me! UPDATE: I had to add a few photos although they’re notContinue Reading

Here there everywhere

Had a good day, actually a great day, out and about with Renee. I got a few photos (for memories sake) that I like, the train was my favorite subject of the day. No one died. I’m not sitting in jail. Yep, it was a pretty okay day! Can’t guaranteeContinue Reading

The Happiness Project

My 12 Projects: 1. Forgive Me. 2. Treat Myself As I Would Treat Others. 3. Be classy. 4. Experiment—get out of the rut; boredom will kill you and your relationships. 5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. 6. Get Outside. 7. Become the Person I Want To Be. 8. Baby Steps.Continue Reading

No NY Resolution

I did not make any new years resolutions, in fact, I made a resolution not to make a resolution 😉 However, I want to clean up 2010, learn something new, and try something new. Life is amazing. 2011 A little less and a little more. Time to find the balance.Continue Reading

A great day

I had a nice day today, what a great day to be alive. I got out of the house and took some photos. I’ll upload them to Twitpic soon so I can add them to this post. I took a handful, not many. Mainly it was just a need toContinue Reading

Not Friday The 13th

I’m having a bad day today, which sucks because it is so gorgeous outside. I got to town to take back some library books only to realize when I got there that I forgot to bring them duh! While I was in town (library book-less) I called to check onContinue Reading

Yes! I survived week one of fall semester :)! I am at home for the weekend and am going to enjoy being lazy in my jammies today. I believe I am really going to enjoy my professors and classmates this semester. I am very excited to be at both campuses,Continue Reading

UPDATE: I didn’t accomplish very much that I wanted to today. I decided to string the cleaning along so I don’t injure my back or irritate it any further. I took my time and piddled around the house, and spent some time with Tiffany because she was off today. TomorrowContinue Reading