Clever Ways to Organize Your Tiny House: A Room-by-Room
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Clever Ways to Organize Your Tiny House: A Room-by-Room

People often believe that the bigger the house the greater the choirs. The practice, however, says otherwise. Big houses will take more time to clean, but they’re easier to keep organized. While the owners of tiny homes need to constantly remind themselves not to create a mess.

Sometimes it’s a constant struggle not to oblige every whim of shopping. Other times, the clutter is only the consequence of busy and chaotic life. But tiny houses have their charms and benefits. Due to the smaller space, you must limit your things, as well as accumulate new ones.

Everything has its place in the tiny house, so you will use less time to look for something. Additionally, you won’t have to burden yourself with too much organizing and managing decisions about your house. The complete use of your home becomes simplified, and thus more comfortable to live in.   

If you clutter your tiny house, there are a few things you need to do before you start reorganizing everything. The first step is to make a plan. This is crucial because, without it, you will quickly create more mess and more work for you. Once you know where to start, think about your readiness to get rid of excess belongings. If you believe that this will be a problem, ask for help from a partner, family member or a friend. They will have an impartial perspective on the matter.

We know how stressful can be the moment between a plan and decision to say goodbye to certain things. For many people, this can be a breaking point to give up. This is why we prepared advice on how to organize your tiny house – a room-by-room style.


When it comes to the bedroom, always start with the closets. Not only that they’re the most commonly over cramped places, but also you can downsize there a lot. Usually, we leave the clothes or shoes we don’t wear anymore because we might one day. Moreover, regular shopping sprees don’t help.

To gain more room you can try some of the DIY hacks or simply donate your old clothes to charity. You can organize a yard sale or use some of the available apps and sell them. You can use that money to buy new pieces or even cheap in for bigger closet.

After the closet, go through your drawers and under the bed, which are favourite places to create a mess. You surely have some out of date makeup, or holed socks that should be thrown away. Keep the things on your nightstand to the bare minimum. Too much stuff on it will collect more dust or you’ll accidentally knock some of it down.  


If your cabinets are full of stuff, so much that something falls down when you open them – it’s time for decluttering.

Over time, it’s perfectly normal that you gathered devices for preparing food. Some people even like to keep the broken ones, simply because it would be a waste to throw them out. Guess what, that is the waste and if you don’t fix it, then get rid of it. Kitchen cabinets are the first to undergo the cleaning process and it can be quite tiring. The best way to go here is to empty everything out on the dining table and go through it.

Use plastic containers available in any home depot or similar store and organize your groceries with them. You can make a list of all the compartments you need according to their purpose: for the dishes, canned food, pasta, etc. If you plan to put your cooking pots one inside the other, place the baking paper between them to avoid damage. Keep all the appliances you use every day on the counter, and all else in boxes and tucked away to gain more space.

Dining room

A dining area is one of the toughest to organize. The table alone can take up a lot of space and is not something you can eliminate from the household. However, you can change it into something more agreeable with the smaller space.

High table with bar stools and extra storage space beneath it is a great solution. It will also come handy when you entertain guests or have a party since it can become a bar or buffet. Table surfaces easily turn into the mess. Decorate it with a flower arrangement or some candles to discourage placing your purse, keys, bills and other little things on it.

Living room

A living room is the only space in the house people try to keep as neat as possible. One of the reasons is that they receive and entertain guests here. Another one is that this is also the area where they relax and want to feel comfortable.

Even though so, this room is easily stuffed with too many things and soon enough space will become even smaller. Instead of buying new decorative items, remove the ones you already have stuffing your room. Experts in storing, Super Easy Storage Adelaide recommends: “Self storage solutions work whether you’re moving apartment, refurbishing your place, or simply just want extra room and want to move items out of your home or even the garden shed.”

This means that you can place your old decorations like art pieces and excess furniture in the safe storage until you decide what to do with it. You should live as fewer as possible items in the living room in order to gain the freedom of movement and control over the space. After all, this is where you want to feel comfortable after a hard day at work or snuggled up with your partner watching TV.


Bathrooms are best kept simple and in order. This will make cleaning and maintenance easier since both are necessary on daily basis.

If you are someone who likes cosmetic products, then you probably also like to buy them uncontrollably. Remember that all those products have a limited expiration date once they’re open. So for your own safety, remove all those products with expired dates. This will declutter the sink and cabinet area considerably.

Replace the shower or bathtub curtain with glass door, since that will open up space and expand it. Don’t use the tall shelves or closets in the bathroom since that will devour the room. Instead, place a wicker basket under the sink to store towels. If you need that extra closet or shelf, hang them on the wall and leave the floor free.


Jackets and shoes are the main enemies of any hallway. Not to mention the umbrellas, bags and purses. Therefore, when it comes to hallways, the best choice is to designate a place for every item.

If you have a small shoe rack, replace it with bigger and closed one. Storing your shoes out of sight will keep your hallways tidy and clean. Jackets, coats, hats and shawls can have their own rack with underneath space for bags and purses. To add some charm to the hallway, place pictures on the walls or paint it in an interesting colour like Pantone Colour of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet.


It’s all about the order in tiny houses. Some might recommend minimalist design, but even richer décors can look amazing with some good organizing and saying goodbye to excess items. Additionally, before you decide to buy something new, reconsider if you really need it. That will keep the mess away and your wallet fuller.

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