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College Life

Yes! I survived week one of fall semester :)! I am at home for the weekend and am going to enjoy being lazy in my jammies today.

I believe I am really going to enjoy my professors and classmates this semester. I am very excited to be at both campuses, I don’t mind the travel distance, I love to travel. I have started a study group for my main course, and we have quite a few signed up already.

We have started out with four feet which makes it difficult considering I only have two ;), but I am working like aTrojann to stay on track.

Today I have been studying, making flash cards, writing, and rewriting, listening to the lectures over and over again, all the things that goes with passing!

I just started some steaks and baked potatos, (Blake does not believe he is a dog and insists that he should eat everything I do) and am taking a little break to rest my already overworked brain :)!