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Decorating with LED lights

I have some dark spots in my home which is not surprising since I live in a small attached apartment (when I made up my mind to downsize, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be), downtown. On one side is a store and on the other is another apartment. Behind me are a few businesses so on the sides or the back of my home. So again, I have some dark spots in my home and I’ve been buying LED battery operated lights to give me some light and I love that they look like fairy lights at night.

My favorite lights are in my bathroom on my shower curtain rod. I bought them on Amazon and I selected white. I ordered two other strings that I thought would be similar from the description, by another company, and they sent colored instead of white. They don’t work half the time and I’m not buying from that company again. I fully believe in second chances but with 2 nonworking products, I feel that my second chance has been fulfilled, lol.

I had to look through hundreds of Amazon purchases to find the lights I purchased and was disappointed to learn that they are currently out of the lights (I want more more more): Amazon name: Rtgs Micro LED 60 Super Bright Warm White Color Indoor and Outdoor String Lights Battery Operated on 20 Ft Long Silver Color Ultra Thin String Wire with Timer. I’ll keep looking until I find similar lights because they truly are my favorite type (indoor, outdoor and waterproof).

Do you have any dark areas in your home and if so, how do you lighten it up?

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