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Embrace Your Teen Playing An Instrument (Without Sending You Up The Wall!)

There might come a time your teen decides they want to start playing an instrument. After all, it’s all about building their own identity. And they might have a musician they love who plays the guitar or even piano. But while you want to embrace your teen being musical, it can be challenging to deal with the music in the house. After all, it can feel like torture for your ears at the beginning. However, as discussed on, you don’t want your kid to give up. Here are some ways you can embrace your teen playing an instrument without sending you up the wall.

Embrace Your Teen Playing An Instrument (Without Sending You Up The Wall!)


Arrange some classes for them

When your teen decides they want to learn an instrument, they might start by playing at home. They can teach themselves while at the humble abode. But it means you and the rest of the family will have to deal with the initial screeching playing! And it can drive everyone up the wall if they are constantly playing in the house. Therefore, as it says on, you should arrange some classes for your teen through the school, or look into a private instructor to teach your youngster. That way, they can learn their instrument in a different environment. And it means you and the rest of your family can have some peace and quiet for a while! Also, arranging some lessons can give them a helping hand in quickly getting used to the instrument.

Embrace Your Teen Playing An Instrument (Without Sending You Up The Wall!)

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Find them somewhere at home to play

As much as your teen might want to play in their bedroom, it might not be practical. After all, your other kids might struggle to get on with their homework. And the music can drive you up the wall if your teen is playing for hours. It can be even more stressful if their friends are also learning and come over to play. Therefore, you should find your teen somewhere else at home to play which won’t bother everyone. It might be that you convert the garage so that it’s suitable for your teen to go outside and play their instrument. It might be that you look into installing some power sockets. After all, then your teen can get an electric guitar which you can read about on sites like that they can connect to an amp without an issue. That way, they can play to their heart’s content without disturbing everyone!

Embrace Your Teen Playing An Instrument (Without Sending You Up The Wall!)


Agree on set times for the instrument

It’s easy for your teen to spend all their time playing with their new instrument. After all, they want to ensure they become a whiz at using it. However, it can mean that school work is often put on the backburner. And spending time with their family can be cut short. Therefore,  arrange with them a time they are allowed to play. That way, you can make sure they still make time to do their homework. And also spend time as a family with all of you! It might be met with protest. But scheduling their time on the instrument can ensure your teen gets a good balance in their life.

And remember to encourage your teen. After all, teens who play instruments tend to do better at school!