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Four Great Ways To Boost Your Kid’s Morale

In the current age that we live in, low morale, anxiety and low self-esteem are so common that it almost seems like an epidemic caused by our culture. Many psychologists argue that this anxiety and low self esteem is due to social media. The fact that young people are constantly exposed to a never-ending stream of photos and posts about their friends’ accomplishments and all the good times they’re having, plus inane celebrity news and alarmist reports from the media – well, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Four Great Ways To Boost Your Kid's Morale

The problem with exposing kids to social media at such a young age is that it creates a chaotic image of what the world is really like. Rather than engaging in activities that are meditative and require discipline, kids want instant gratification and don’t want to waste time on anything that will take time to master.

There are, however, several activities that have been proven to calm brain waves and release endorphins – activities that may act as an antidote for your kid’s anxiety and low-self esteem:

Music Lessons: If you find a good fit for your kids with regards to a music instructor and instrument, you may provide them with a much needed respite from the deluge of social media flooding their phones. Learning a musical instrument not only encourages discipline, but after a while it helps to foster the growth of confidence. By signing your child up for music lessons, you can turn your kid into a rock star and watch them blossom socially and artistically.    

Chess: If your child is exceptionally intelligent, you may encourage them to play chess. Because of the strategic nature of chess, it encourages critical thinking and problem solving. Moreover, it will encourage them to spend time with other intelligent, like-minded children, fostering a sense of community and perhaps helping them feel less isolated. Also, the fact that it’s a game means that it can be just plain fun and provide an escape from mundane, everyday life.

Four Great Ways To Boost Your Kid's Morale

Horseback Riding: While this is by no means a pastime that is easy on the wallet, some kids really connect with it and hit their stride atop a galloping horse. If your child enjoys a good natured competitive spirit, then you could always encourage them towards competitions. Furthermore, equestrianism encourages a kinship with animals and a sense that you have to work together with these noble beasts to achieve a common goal. In our technology riddled world, it is always good to commune with animals and get back to nature.

Acting: Many children who have too much energy and a hard time getting along with their peers thrive on the stage. Also, children who tend towards the stage are often sensitive souls who have trouble connecting with other individuals or finding an outlet for their overwhelming creative energy. Encouraging your child to take acting lessons with help them burn off some energy while expressing themselves and if they go to a school with a drama program, then they will be able to work with others and create something that they can be proud of. It may even lead to a lucrative career on the stage, or behind the scenes.