Get The Story Behind the Goods at UncommonGoods

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I guess you can tell from my title that I’m geeking out over UncommonGoods today. Before you head out to check out some of the most unusual and awesome products for gift giving or even to purchase something wonderful for yourself, I wanted to familiarize you with the story behind UncommonGoods. I love learning about the products I buy and I think it’s really neat that every product sold on has its own story. Whether the goods come from an emerging designer or a seasoned artist crafting each of his pieces by hand, you’ll be able to meet the designers and learn all about each item. I’ve been taking a little tour all over their site to meet everyone and to learn more about this company and what they offer, and I’ll post the link below so you can learn more as well. I think you’ll find the information very informative and worth your while to read. And of course, anyone that helps support and protect our American Forests has my vote. I’m a tree hugger and proud to be one.

Get The Story Behind the Goods at UncommonGoods

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stunning jewelry pieces because we all know what a Diva I am.  I like unusual and unique bling and lots of it. My favorite bracelet selection would be the Story of the Earth Set of 7 bracelets. They are so boho chic and so me. By reading the story behind the bracelets, I learned that they are made in Guatemala and that the designer is Lis Giròn. Isn’t that neat? I think you’ll agree that they would make a great gift for anyone on your gift-giving list or if you’d prefer a different style, there’s jewelry to fit everyone’s style and fashion taste. Do you have a favorite piece of UncommonGoods jewelry that you’d love to own or give as a gift?

While I’m all about the bling, my oldest daughter prefers minimalist jewelry. She likes simple and clean looking jewelry like the ones seen on UncommonGoods. She’d really go wild about the Awaken Meditation Spinning Ring which is on sale right now BTW. I’m pretty sure she’d never want to take off the Pebble Stack Necklace. It’s so her, I’d swear it was made specifically for her taste. Even I’d love one of those. I think my favorite piece would be the Sea Glass Sterling Clasp Bracelet. I’m bad about losing jewelry if it doesn’t have a good clasp, but this bracelet does. Sterling and sea glass, oh my. I’d love to buy a few jewelry holders as well for my DIL and both daughters.



While I’m all about the jewelry, I realize that not everyone likes to be adorned with beautiful jewels so you’ll be happy to know that UncommonGoods offers gifts for everyone. Him, her, home, office, furniture, jewelry, kids, fun and just about anything else you can imagine. I’ve even managed to find a couple of anniversary gifts for couples or individuals as well. My SIL would love to own a BBQ Briefcase for their anniversary coming up, and my sister would go wild over her own Personalized Wedding Bowl. I would love to own the Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest for myself and I’m sure my mom would as well. I do a lot of cooking and baking and it would come in handy. Which anniversary gift is your favorite?

Get The Story Behind the Goods at UncommonGoods


I’ve held you up enough because there are so many products on UncommonGoods, it’s going to take awhile to see them all. Happy shopping.

P.S. Don’t forget to read the story behind the goods and meet the team as well as to discover their business focus.