Going Hiking And Camping In The Rocky Mountains? Read This First!
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Going Hiking And Camping In The Rocky Mountains? Read This First!

The Rocky Mountains is one of Americas most popular tourist destinations. It stretches more than 3,000 miles from Western Canada to the south-western United States. Formed around 80 million years ago, it boasts breathtaking natural beauty.

These days, the Rockies are a mountain range popular with people that love camping and hiking. Are you planning to do the latter this summer? If so, the Rocky Mountains should be on your list!

Before you go on your hiking and camping adventure in the Rockies, I recommend you take on board these tips:

Take plenty of water with you

In the Rocky Mountains National Park alone there are 300 miles of good hiking trails. You should make sure that you keep hydrated during your experience. Especially when you’re hiking in high altitudes!

It’s crucial that you take a lot of drinking water with you. I recommend taking a backpack that offers plenty of water bottle storage compartments.

Take a pocket knife with you

When you wish to hike and camp in such a remote area, it’s important you prepare well for it. One thing you need to do is buy a pocket knife that you can rely on during your travels.

You can use it for a variety of tasks such as cutting open fruit and fish. Other uses include cutting ropes and cords, sharpening wood for camp fires and so forth.

Wear the right clothes for your hike in the Rockies

Next, you need to make sure you take appropriate clothing with you on your travels. The weather conditions can change in an instant when you’re on the Rockies. One minute it could be quite dry and hot, the next it could become cold and damp!

Avoid wearing cotton items as they absorb moisture and offer unpleasant odors! Do take some rain wear with you. It’s possible to buy rain protection that is super light.

Take some high-energy snacks with you

Sure, you might assume you can pick or catch the food you need. But, it’s also important to pack some snacks before you go.

Be sure to take some high-energy bars with you for obvious reasons. Even things like granola bars and hard-boiled eggs can give you the energy boost you need.

Take some emergency items with you

Aside from food, your backpack should also include items you can use in an emergency. Examples include a first-aid kit, a satellite phone, and a flare gun.

Other items that will come in useful include LED lights, Trekking Poles, and a mosquito spray.

Know where you are going

The last thing you want to do is wander around aimlessly in the Rocky Mountains! That’s why it is important you know where you are going. It goes without saying that you should take a paper map and compass with you.

It’s also important to use technology as well. A battery-powered GPS device with built-in maps will help you stay on track. You could take your cell phone with you, but there will be little to no mobile reception.

Good luck!

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