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Health Benefits of Maintaining an Aquarium

While most people do find looking at fish in an aquarium relaxing, you might not associate owning and maintaining an aquarium with actual health benefits. However, as well as creating a beautiful and natural addition to your home, there are some surprising connections with improvements to health conditions, generated by owning an aquarium.

  • Stress reduction

When you get overwhelmed and stressed out, actually watching fish swimming around an aquarium has been proven to help calm your mind and reduce stress levels. As long as your aquarium is well-maintained so you don’t start stressing about cleaning the tank, then looking at it for a few minutes every time you feel the stress build up, can really help to calm your nerves.

  • Improves work motivation

An aquarium in your workplace, whether it’s a home office or in an office building, can again help to keep stress levels down which in turn can help motivation among staff. While gazing at an aquarium might not appear to be the best use of work time, it can actually help to clear your mind, refocus you and as a result, improve motivation and productivity. Not to mention that it looks beautiful and creates a talking point for visitors to your office.

  • Boosts your sleep

If you have space, having an aquarium next to your bed can actually help to calm you down and help you sleep better. Watching the fish before bed, rather than watching late night TV or checking last minute emails, has a much better impact on your mind, calming your thoughts and encouraging you to switch off from the day, which aids sleep. You might need to think about it if you don’t like sleeping with light in the room though and perhaps have it in the hallway so it’s the last thing you look at before you go to bed.

  • Sense of purpose

Maintaining an aquarium can give you a sense of purpose and responsibility outside of your own life, which is in itself a benefit for taking your mind off other worries. Spending time cleaning and maintaining the tank, thinking about different types of fish and decoration to add to it, are all nice things to occupy your mind with and give you downtime from thinking about work or paying the next bills that come in.

  • Encourages calmer children

Children love watching fish and learning about them and their habitats, and if they are a bit too energetic, aquariums are also proven to help calm children down and encourage them to sleep better as well. Having an aquarium in a child’s room is perfect if they are scared of the lights being off, as it will provide reassurance as well as keeping them calm and restful.

  1. Lower anxiety levels

Did you know having a fish tank or aquarium can actually reduce stress? If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, try staring at the fish swimming for a few minutes, as it has a very therapeutic effect, making you forget all the worries that are running around in your head, even if only for a few minutes. It can give you that essential time to reboot and reassess your concerns and how you are going to deal with them.

  • Calms elderly relatives

Studies have shown that if you have elderly relatives with dementia, being near an aquarium can really calm them down, particularly if they have a tendency towards aggressive behaviour. Watching fish has a profound calming effect on these patients in particular.

Far from just being a beautiful feature to look at in your home or workplace, an aquarium can bring with it amazing health benefits to you, your family and visitors to your home or your office.  It creates a natural calming atmosphere instantly and there is something almost hypnotic about staring at fish for a few minutes.

In a workplace it creates a talking point for visitors and clients as well as an opportunity to refocus your brain to enhance the creative and productivity levels during the working day.

While at home, an aquarium can help you to manage and overcome stress levels and reduce anxiety. In your family, it can keep children calmer and help support elderly relatives when they become overwhelmed with the world as well.

Fish don’t have to be hard to look after or maintain and the physical process of looking after them and keeping up the aquarium is another great relaxing way to switch your brain off from the everyday stresses and strains which can otherwise become totally overwhelming.