Hemp Wellness: 8 Benefits of CBD Oil

Have you been tempted to try CBD oil?

If you’re considering introducing CBD oil into your life, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, a recent study found that approximately 1 in 7 U.S. adults utilize CBD products every single day. Of these adults, the majority choose to use CBD as an aid in various aspects of their health.

The reason that hemp wellness such as hemp flower or CBD oil has become so popular is that it fails to produce a mental high. This means that patients can utilize CBD on a daily basis without having to suffer from a lack of mental clarity. Patients can also use CBD without facing the common side effects associated with traditional medicine.

If you’re considering practicing the art of hemp wellness, you’re going to want to read this. We’re uncovering the eight most significant benefits of CBD oil and how it just might change your life.

Hemp Wellness: 8 Benefits of CBD Oil

1. Pain Relief

CBD for pain management is one of the most significant and widely practiced uses for CBD oil in general.

Of course, marijuana itself has been used to treat pain for many years. However, it’s only natural for some to be deterred by marijuana for its psychoactive properties.

Fortunately, CBD oil has the same ability to combat pain as the marijuana plant. Unlike marijuana, taking CBD will relieve pain without causing the user to feel a sense of high.

So, how does it work?

Studies have found that CBD helps to reduce pain by interrupting the pain signal within the body. Patients have found for this to be incredibly useful in reducing pain caused by arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

2. Calms Stress and Anxiety

Are you suffering from significant levels of stress or anxiety?

If you’re nodding your head, you’ve likely spoken to a doctor about your condition and the possibility of medication. While many of these stress-relieving medications have proven effective, they do come with a few setbacks.

As a result of these setbacks, many chose to forgo medication altogether. This is where CBD oil comes in and has been incredibly effective at helping adults combat stress and anxiety.

CBD oil benefits from properties that are calming and relaxing. While this is useful in stressful situations, it’s also useful for those that experience social anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder.

CBD also allows the individual to feel a sense of calm without having to feel a lack of clarity.

3. Reduces Acne

Did you know that acne is the most common skin condition in the United States?

In fact, acne is said to affect nearly 50 million Americans on an annual basis. When you consider the gravity of this number, it’s easy to understand why acne-fighting skin products are so popular.

But, what is the key to fighting acne didn’t have to involve properties such as salicylic acid?

These days, consumers are eager for a more natural approach to beauty and skincare. CBD oil has proven to help treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties. When acne appears red and swollen, the CBD oil can help to minimize the swelling and reduce sebum production.

Remember, CBD also helps to relieve instances of stress and anxiety. When stress levels are minimized, the production of stress-induced acne is also minimized. So, when you’re experiencing lower levels of stress, you may also experience lower levels of acne as a result.

4. Heals Without Habit

One of the most significant benefits of CBD oil is that it heals without forming an addictive habit.

This is as compared to marijuana as well as traditional medication that can become habit-forming. Fortunately, you can rest assured that CBD oil is not addictive.

In fact, CBD oil works better the more you continue to use it. Even with everyday use, you will not find that your body physically craves nor becomes tolerant of the oil.

5. Minimizes Insomnia

If you’ve been having trouble falling asleep at night, this one is especially for you.

Due to its anxiety-reducing properties, many people facing insomnia have turned to CBD oil. When taken before bed, the oil helps to reduce the presence of anxiety, pain and helps to calm the brain.

In fact, a recent study found that 10 percent of Americans who use CBD oil utilize it strictly for sleep purposes. Of this group, the majority of people found the CBD was successful in bettering their sleep cycle.

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6. Reduces Cancer Related Symptoms

First and foremost, CBD oil can help to reduce the pain associated with some types of cancer. For many, this is pain that couldn’t be relieved by traditional medication. It also helps to minimize the feelings of stress and anxiety that come alongside such pain.

CBD oil also helps to reduce symptoms that many patients experience during chemotherapy. The most common of these symptoms include both nausea and vomiting.

Some early studies have even found that CBD oil may contain anti-cancer properties. While this study is admittedly still in the early stages, scientists feel hopeful about the association between CBD and certain types of cancer.

7. Minimizes Menstrual Cramps

For all of the women out there that suffer from painful menstrual cramps, you’re going to want to listen up.

When a woman is menstruating, certain areas of the body are inflamed. These are areas such as the breasts, the lower stomach, the lower back and the vaginal area itself. When these areas are inflamed, it can cause extreme pain that has the ability to last for hours on end.

CBD oil helps to reduce this inflammation while also sending calming signals to the brain. This is especially beneficial for those that suffer from mood swings or higher levels of stress and anxiety when menstruating.

8. Benefits Heart Health

Did you know the CBD oil can actually help to lower high blood pressure?

In high-stress situations, it’s natural for the blood pressure to increase. However, a dosage of CBD helps to minimize the stress that is experienced during this type of situation. As a result, the blood pressure overall is less likely to reach a dangerous level.

In turn, this can help to lower the chance of having a stroke or a heart attack.

Practicing the Art of Hemp Wellness

If you’ve been suffering from a variety of ailments, why not consider introducing hemp wellness into your life?

As we learn more about the benefits of CBD oil, its widespread use is only continuing to grow. After all, CBD oil has the unique ability to provide the benefits of traditional medication but without the side effects. In turn, this allows people to combat their ailments without having to experience feelings of tiredness, lack of energy, weight gain or moodiness.

Whether you’re in search of anything from pain relief and stress reduction to minimizing acne and getting a good night’s rest, it’s time to try CBD oil.

One more thing! If you’re considering flying with your CBD oil, you’re going to want to keep browsing our site to get all the scoop on that subject.