How Does CBD Make You Feel? Facts About CBD and Why It Doesn’t Get You High

The 2018 United States Farm Bill removed hemp, defined as CBD with less than 0.3 percent of THC, from the controlled substance list.

As a result, we now see CBD products around us, from chews for our dogs at the vet to therapeutic CBD oils at the local gas station.

Why has CBD become so popular? And how does CBD make you feel?

Is CBD Legal?

To be clear, CBD is not pot. It’s not the joint passed around at parties and hidden from teachers in high school.

CBD is short for cannabinoid, a molecule uniquely produced by the cannabis family. It lacks THC, the psychoactive drug we often associate with marijuana.

Cannabinoids in the Body and in Plants

Our bodies naturally produce something called cannabinoids, a compound that works to help our brains function. We call these endocannabinoids because the body produces them.

CBD is made up of a phytocannabinoid, a cannabinoid derived from plants. This same cannabinoid will help activate the CB1 receptor in the brain, and the benefits of activating this receptor are numerous.

As a result, patients using CBD oil experience numerous positive effects and not the traditional effects we think of with marijuana usage.

How Does CBD Make You Feel?

If you’re old enough, you have images of Cheech and Chong in your mind when you think of marijuana. But CBD is not a joint passed around at parties.

You Won’t Feel High

THC is responsible for that, and CBD, as legalized by the FDA, does not contain enough THC to cause a psychoactive response. You won’t feel high.

CBD manufacturers will extract hemp-derived CBD from hemp, and by law, these products can have no more than 0.3 percent THC. This limitation prevents the high so many people associate with marijuana usage.

For those who need the drug, this is good news. The sixty-five-year-old woman who lived her life an arm’s length away from illicit drug use can find comfort in knowing that oil that helps her sleep at night won’t cause hallucinations or out-of-character behavior.

How Does CBD Make You Feel? Facts About CBD and Why It Doesn't Get You High

You Won’t Ache

Best used as an anti-inflammatory as opposed to a muscle relaxer; if your pain is joint pain or pain caused by inflammation, you’ll experience relief with micro-dosing; experts recommend THC, the form of marijuana legal in specific states, for cramp-related or spastic pain; but THC has long-term cognitive side effects, and thus CBD is truly a better source for pain relief overall

Less Depressed

Depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. CBD in the right quantities can stimulate parts of the brain that affect emotional distress.

As a result, you will feel depression alleviated.

If you’re a person who wakes up and sees the world in shades of blue and gray, you may find yourself with a brighter day, where colors begin to form and the basic circumstances of the day that felt overwhelming before now feel doable.

CBD oil can lift this sad feeling.

Less Anxious, Fearful, and Paranoid

If you find yourself nervous in a crowd or even thinking about a crowd, or if you find yourself fixated on a particular idea, CBD can help you calm down and focus.

Those who suffer from anxiety disorders know the paralyzing effects of worry and fear. CBD will stimulate that receptor in the brain that helps you stop fixating on those worries and start focusing on life.

Generally More Healthy

CBD has proven to have effects beyond mental health wellness.

Because the body works together as one, when you alleviate symptoms in one area, such as mental health, you begin to see other areas, such as physical health, improve.

With less anxiety and depression, you will see lower blood pressure and a genuine sense of calm.

Many people worry CBD will cause an unrealistic sense of calm, a sort of euphoric high. This is not the case. High-quality CBD allows people to focus on their tasks because of alleviated stress, anxiety, and depression.

CBD users have even seen gastrointestinal improvement with less intestinal inflammation and decreased leaky gut syndrome.

All of these feelings result from high-quality CBD, so make sure you do not just grab the first bottle you see at a truck stop. Read more here to learn about high-quality CBD.

How Are People Using CBD?

Because of its increasing benefits and regulation, the public sector has begun to use CBD on a more regular basis for serious illnesses.


Around the same time the FDA approved CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC for all states, they also passed the first FDA-approved drug.

Epidiolex is a CBD oral solution that helps treat seizures stemming from two different rare and severe forms of epilepsy. Patients with this rare form of epilepsy had few choices prior to this ground-breaking drug.

Joint Pain & Inflammation

Individuals who experience chronic joint pain are now turning away from traditional pharmacological methods of pain management and toward CBD. CBD is proving itself to be a true competitor in the pain management market, especially considering the dangers that opioid use is now proving to have.

Cancer Treatment Symptom Alleviant

Cancer is a horrible disease, and when scientists developed chemotherapy, they essentially saved thousands of lives. But chemo has its own painful side effects, effects that CBD can help alleviate.


Individuals suffering from chronic depression are choosing CBD over traditional anti-depressants because of its effect.

Alternative Medicine

So, how does CBD make you feel? You won’t walk away from a dose high, but you will walk away feeling better.

Individuals who have tried CBD are learning quickly they find relief away from traditional means of medical treatment, and they do not have to fear the psychoactive, mind-altering high that comes with traditional marijuana usage.

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