How Should You Choose a New Range For Your Kitchen?

The range you have in your kitchen has an impact on your overall lifestyle. Your kitchen range is arguably one of the most important appliances you choose. It’s functional and depending on how often you cook, it may be something you use every day or even several times a day.

A range is also part of your décor. Nothing makes a kitchen look quite as great as a sleek, high-end range serving as the focal point.

So, if it’s time to replace yours, you might be wondering with all the available choices, how do you pick the right one?

Different Types

Before starting your search, you should know at least the basics of the various kinds of ranges. For example, you may have to have an electric range because you don’t have gas, however, if you do have an available gas line to your kitchen, many people prefer this option because it offers constant heat. There are also dual fuel options, which combine elements of both gas and electric heating.

Another more specific option is the induction range, which is designed to make cooking and boiling times faster.

Freestanding or Slide-In?

Another significant categorical distinction to keep in mind as you’re shopping for kitchen appliances including a kitchen range is whether or not you require something slides in or is freestanding. A freestanding range will have sides that are finished in most cases, and the knobs and controls are located in a backsplash like setting.

A slide-in range won’t typically have finished sides, although a lot of contractors, designers, and homeowners prefer this option because they have a wider top that goes over kitchen countertops, which gives them a built-in, custom look. Also, these options don’t have a backsplash, which can be good if you want a seamless backsplash throughout your kitchen.


While you want your new range to look great, you also want it to work for your lifestyle, and a big consideration here is the capacity. If you only typically cook small meals for yourself or your immediate family, capacity isn’t likely to be a huge concern, and you can go with something a little smaller that’s also likely to be somewhat less expensive.

On the other hand, if you frequently entertain, you might need something with more cubic feet, and the largest options on the market are almost four cubic feet in most cases.

Special Features

Once you’ve decided on the basics, it starts to get fun. Ranges have so many bells and whistles that are available these days, or if you’re budget-conscious, you can still get a great model at a low cost.

If you want something more, you can consider additional features such as dehydration settings for making things like jerky and dried fruits and vegetables, warming drawers, and automatic shut-off features to avoid burning.

What you choose here is really up to your preferences and your needs.

Shopping for a range can be a costly endeavor, but if you do your research ahead of time and know what you need as well as you don’t, it will make for a more seamless buying experience.