How to Keep Puppies & Dogs Happy and Housetrain Them

Have you been dealing with a puppy that simply does not understand where not to pee or poop? Or, are you tired of your Yorkie leaving behind offensive urine smells in your living spaces? Don’t get agitated or give up on your dog so soon. There are several ways of going about the task and dealing with your pets. Read on to get effective and easy-to-use tips that can get you going without pulling at your hair or giving your dogs or puppies an ear full. What’s more? The tips mentioned below will go a long way in keeping your pets happy and in the best of mood. 

Tips and Tricks to Make Dogs Happy

Dogs and puppies are the most amiable of all pets and are rarely demanding. They are happy and simple in nature and have very little needs. They crave for care and affection at all times. Just like puppies affectionately gnaw on each other to show love, Luke Stevens from says that it helps them to feel love from you when you rub your puppy all over with your hand in the shape of a claw. So, here are some helpful tips to create more happiness for your dogs and puppies. 

  1. Invest in a baby pool

Most dogs have no qualms about getting into water and love to swim. How about getting home a nice kiddie pool that you can fill intermittently for your pet to use?  Remember to put water-friendly dog toys in the pool so that he or she is aware that it’s the go-to place whenever the mercury rises.

  1. A dance party for dogs

There are same dog federations and pet care companies that have happy hour ideas to share with you and other pet owners. Having a dance party for your puppy can change your mood and get him or her into high spirits. Dogs love to shake their legs and dance. So, lay down the grounds to increase the love that you share with your Fido. Invite your friends along with their pets and kids to add to the joyous occasion. 

  1. Don’t fret if toys are destroyed

You must be wondering what you just paid a bomb for the toy, how could it get destroyed so soon? Instead of fretting and feeling bad about the damaged toy, allow your pet to wrangle and play with the same even if leads to irreversible damages later on. The animal instinct in your dog has to find an outlet and this helps him remain alert and sharp. Alternatively, if the toys are getting damaged too soon, then it would help to up their standard soon. 

  1. Brush his teeth

Dogs and puppies will not like to have a brush laden with doggie paste on their canines but the task is essential. Brushing the teeth of your pets leads to healthy teeth and gums for them to enjoy many years down the line.

  1. Treasure hunts are fun

Planning to leave home for a few hours and want your puppy to be happy and contented in your absence? How would you like to organize a fun-filled treasure hunt with favorite dog treats hidden at easy-to-find places? The process and activity can be organized every week or so with treats hidden at different places to keep the excitement alive. 

  1. Buy a new colorful collar

Most dogs have collars around their necks that are in place across the day and night. Arguably, these dog accessories are the best means of keeping them safe and in control. Given that dog collars are akin to the clothes you wear, a new one would be most cherished and loved by your pet. So, instead of your pet wearing the same old collar at all times, get him a brand new, vibrant colored one to provide a different look, texture, and feel. 

  1. Train your dog to perform tasks

It’s tempting to pamper your pet at all times and keep him protected like your own child; however, this may fail to work in the short and long run alike. Just like humans, dogs also get a sense of fulfillment when they perform any given task and are duly appreciated. They need to do something to remain active and in the best of spirits and at times you may need to provide dog treats CBD to help them cope with anxiety and stress. Given these requirements that have to be met with at all times, you, it’s a good idea to figure out small tasks to keep your dogs and puppies occupied. For instance, carrying a small basket of treats during a hike, fetching the newspaper, or getting the key when you are planning to step outdoors, can earn you many brownie points. Apart from keeping your puppy, these tasks will cause mental stimulation and give off oodles of happiness. 

  1. Plan interesting playtimes

You may want to set up social and playtime alarms to remember that you have to indulge in interactions with your pet. Create dates to add to the excitement of this social calendar. For instance, at any given time and day, set yourself to run an extra mile around your favorite playground with your dog. All that you need to do is choose an activity that you enjoy and can involve your dog in. Believe it, you will be followed everywhere with your dog or puppy in tow (and with a big grin on his face). 

  1. Road trips 

Have you ever tried taking your constant companion with you on a road trip? You need not equate road trips to long kilometers that bring you to exotic destinations. Take your puppy for a spin to the local vegetable or pet store, post office, or just to pick up its feed. You may roll down the window to help his fluffy head peek out. However, remember to secure your dog to the seat least he gets hurt. 

Last Word

Reach out to dog breeders and experts to know more about what to expect from your pet and how to keep it happy. Get connected with those who know how to deal with puppies and dogs, right away.