How to Make a Perfect Backyard Summer Sanctuary

Summer is for many the month when they like to enjoy some time outside in their backyard, sipping called lemonade and relaxing. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to stand in your backyard from time to time and consider to create a sanctuary out of it.

Surprisingly to many, that is not something so hard to do. It will certainly take some work and creativity, as well as patience but in the end, it’s well worth it. You will also get additional space to entertain guests and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

And the best thing about it is that your summer sanctuary can last even during the colder months, depending on what you expect to add to it. Some changes you can do alone, while others you will have to hire professionals. But the benefits will outweigh the price the moment you sit in your newly designed backyard and enjoy the perks of having a sanctuary.


  • Build a fire pit


Fire pits are great additions for the backyards to spend time during the summer nights and bake marshmallows with your kids. Additionally, they are easy to turn into barbecues for grilling fish, meat or vegetables like corns.

Basically, you can build one yourself if you’re handy with DIY projects, but there are also many gorgeous pre-made solutions. The fire pits can be built in the dug hole or as an above-ground structure. It all depends on what your overall design is.


  • Add an entertainment area


During the weekend, you want to relax and have some fun with your friends or host a family gathering. So, what is more perfect than building an outside bar with oven and grill so you can cook tasty food while talking with your guests?

This area can easily turn into the winter kitchen if you build it so it is a half-open structure. This means you can use retractable glass doors to serve as walls on one side while all others are firmly in place. Usually, these types of structure cost more, but are available during the whole year. However, you will also gain a lot with only a bar and barbecue area since you can still make legendary parties and gatherings.


  • Outdoors theatre


If you are a movie fan, then your backyard is perfect to serve as a small theatre from time to time. This summer idea is actually the easiest one to create and you won’t need much money to bring it to life. Couple of comfortable chairs or blankets to serve as sits, a large screen you made yourself or bought in the store, and of course a projector and sound system.

This kind of summer fun is also a great choice when you have to host children birthday parties, or as an addition to some casual hanging out with your friends. In the end, all you need is some popcorn and you’re ready to enjoy your backyard theatre.


  • Green oasis


Gardening is the number one thing that comes to people’s minds when they want to organise their backyard. However, backyard garden doesn’t have to be of the usual variety. You can create a special area which will resemble a small oasis where you can hang a hammock or place an outdoor sofa.

Add big-leaf plants and small trees since they’re easier to arrange and you can plant them in pots for more convenient moving around. However, flowers will give the special charm to your oasis with their colourfulness and scents. Choose retractable awnings for better shade and your green haven is ready to comfortably getaway for a couple of hours from the world.


  • Backyard sitting area


Sitting area in the backyard is not something to miss if you can build one. After all, it will not only bring comfort to you but also be a perfect place to chat with your friends and enjoy the summer. Unlike popular belief, you can actually build a very comfortable sitting area with cushions and elegant designs.

It will sure take some getting used to paying attention to weather conditions so you can remove the upholstery before the rain. However, a pergola is an excellent way to shield your furniture and get some shade. On the other hand, there are sitting sets made of recycled materials which easily get dry and are not damaged by the water or sun.


If your backyard is a mess, clean it up and then assess the space. You can build several things even if you have a limited space. Sitting areas can have fire pits in the middle and awnings can be installed on almost everything to protect it from the weather elements. Basically, all you need is a few good ideas and your backyard can become an admiration of the whole neighbourhood.

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