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How to Save Money on Groceries

Have you noticed that walking into a grocery store on an empty stomach will always result in spending much more than you needed to otherwise? In order to avoid being a spendthrift when you go grocery shopping, the first step is to do that after lunch or dinner, never before. Another useful advice would be to make use of coupons to their full advantage. They were created especially for that purpose, so why not do it? You could slash your grocery bill even by 50%, and here’s another clever tip – wait for a good sale on the items that you wish to buy so that you can enjoy not just the coupon benefit but an additional discount, too! You can even save on other products that you need when you look for them at Kohl’s and don’t forget your Discountrue promos. Other than that, here are a few useful tips that will help you save on all the costs the next time you go grocery shopping:

  • According to a survey conducted by Reader’s Digest most people spend less if they go for grocery shopping while listening to upbeat music. So, next time you plan some buying, try plugging in your headphones to your favorite workout mix in order to walk smartly down every aisle!
  • Avoid the urge to overload your shopping cart. Just because all those around you are grocery shopping for the month doesn’t mean you have to fill up your cart with everything they have in theirs! Make a list of things to get beforehand by studying your kitchen stock and strictly stick to that list.
  • Some over smart employees are purposely asked to mark down the items that are about to expire in a day or two without labeling their expiry, in order to psychologically trick buyers. Instead of filling your cart with these low priced products without thinking, out-smart the sellers by checking the dates in advance.
  • Do not buy unnecessary off-season products. People tend to load their carts with fruit and vegetables that are not seasonal, and these items are generally priced way above the seasonal ones.
  • When buying items off an aisle, try to compare the prices on the top shelf with those placed on the bottom of the shelf. These high placed and low placed items might have a difference in the cost, which might help you save on your bill.
  • Cut down on impulse buying by limiting the number of times you are actually exposed to such an opportunity. Try to arrange trips to the grocery store once or maximum twice a month and buy all necessary items in those pre-planned outings!
  • Compare each grocery shopping trip with the next one by keeping a check of your receipts and buying alternatives for the most expensive items you bought the last time.
  • Next time you visit or plan a visit to the grocery store make sure that you keep these tips in mind to find the best prices and avoid taking a big bite out of your wallet!