How to Take CBD Oil: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

How to Take CBD Oil: A Complete Beginner's Guide

Cannabis products have become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, they are more widely used now than ever. Especially CBD oil. That’s because it’s use is legal in places where THC isn’t.

CBD is typically used for pain relief and to help reduce anxiety, as well as to treat symptoms of a variety of other physical and mental ailments. It has developed a reputation for offering many of the same benefits as some prescription drugs without the side effects.

This article takes a look at how to take CBD oil. After all, anyone who’s never experimented with cannabinoids will likely have plenty of questions. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for answers. Keep reading for insight into this amazing natural product.

Ways to Ingest CBD

There’s more than one way to ingest CBD oil. These include vaping, edibles, cremes, placing it on the tongue, mixing with food, or through the use of products that feature CBD oil as a primary ingredient. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


The popularity of vaping has skyrocketed in the past decade, especially in the last few years. This should come as no surprise when you consider that it’s safer than cigarettes, can help smokers kick the cigarette habit, and because there’s such a wide variety of oils and vape juices available to make the experience as fun and pleasurable as possible.

Vape pens are easy to use. They’re also relatively inexpensive, which is great for anyone operating on a tight budget. There are a ton of vape pens on the market, and you can spend as much as you like, or pick up a basic model for a few bucks.

Some vape pens are made to be disposable, thus they come loaded with a single juice cartridge and have to pitched once the juice runs out. But most vapes feature a refillable juice chamber, designed to be refilled over and over again.

Refillable pens are ideal for anyone wanting to experiment with a lot of flavors. They are also more environmentally friendly because you won’t be tossing it out after a single-use.

Vaping remains one of the most popular forms of ingesting CBD, but let’s take a look at a few more.


Edibles are another incredibly popular way to ingest CBD. That’s because the CBD can be baked into nearly any kind of tasty treat.

A ton of companies have popped up on the landscape in the last few years, producing an incredible array of CBD edibles that are fun to eat while also providing all the benefits you’ve come to expect from cannabinoids.

Edibles come in just about any form, from gummies to chocolate chews, brownies, cookies, granola bars, and everything in between.

Keep in mind to be aware of the dosage of CBD you’re ingesting. Companies that manufacture edibles are generally required to clearly label the dosage on their packaging so that you don’t overdo it. Yes, CBD edibles might be delicious, but you need to be wise about how much you are consuming per serving. 

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You can also ingest CBD oil by simply holding it under your tongue. This is the preferred method for those wanting fast and efficient delivery of the cannabinoid to your system.

This is done by simply using a dropper or spray to place the CBD oil beneath your tongue, and then holding it there until the membranes can absorb the CBD and other compounds contained in the oil.

This provides faster delivery because you’re able to bypass the digestive system, where the oil would be metabolized by the liver, thus reducing potency.

It’s worth remembering that ingesting CBD oil by placing it beneath your tongue will definitely maximize the potency of the produce, yet might not provide as much enjoyment as other forms of consumption. 


CBD oil can also be rubbed on your skin. Some people simply take raw CBD oil from a bottle and apply it directly to the skin, where it will be absorbed into their system.

There are also many skin care

products now available on the market made with CBD oil, that combine the oil with cremes and lotions that can be rubbed onto the skin like any type of skin moisturizer. Cremes and lotions often feature perfumes that make the application of CBD even more pleasurable.

The use of topical cremes and salves containing CBD can help counteract sun damage, helping skin cells heal and rejuvenate without having to enter the bloodstream.

Keep in mind that CBD contains a number of healing properties that play a vital role in maintaining healthy skin.

Mixing with Food

You can also mix CBD oil with your favorite food or drink. Many people commonly use it as an ingredient in everyday recipes, or add it to fruit smoothies or post-workout drinks.

This is really an ideal way to ingest the CBD oil you need for a healthy diet, and to be certain that you are getting the recommended dosage.

Shampoo and Other Products

CBD oil is also great for maintaining healthy hair. It’s perfect as a shampoo or conditioner, resulting in clean, shiny hair, and a healthy scalp.

You can either add a few drops of CBD oil to your hair as you shower, or purchase a shampoo or conditioner with CBD oil combined with other ingredients. More and more people are discovering that CBD is a healthy and effective way to keep their hair looking amazing.

A Guide for How to Take CBD Oil

If you’ve been wanting to explore the wide range of benefits of CBD oil, is easier now than ever. There are literally thousands of products on the market that make ingesting this natural product quick and simple. The key is deciding how to take CBD oil that best compliments your lifestyle. 

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