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Keeping the Magic of the Holidays on a Budget

Money can be tight for many of us, but it doesn’t mean that the holidays have to be this year. There is plenty of time to make sure that they are just as magical as before, regardless of the budget that you have. The holiday period doesn’t have to be about the ‘stuff.’ So here are some creative ways to make the holidays magical without having to spend too much money.

Keeping the Magic of the Holidays on a Budget


Create Magic, Not Clutter

Depending on your family situation and ages of children, will depend on what you do. But when you look to create some magic with your gifts, it can make much more impact than when you just buy standard gifts. Take something like helium balloons in a box, for example. Younger children opening up a box and then balloons pop out can be so magical. They will play with them for a long time, but they cost very little to get. So get creative with gifts for your family and for your children. When it comes to decorating the home, take time together to make a garland, for example. Focus on ways to make memories with them, not just having stuff around the house.

Create Traditions

It might sound super cliche, but when you create traditions for your holiday season, it really can make the whole time more magical. It can be things that you as a family in the lead up to Christmas, like serving others and making food gifts to give to neighbors, for example. You can also think about gifts that could be something you do each year. Is there something you can pass down to your children that they could look forward to something like that each year? After all, it is the thought behind a gift that is most important, not the cost of it. Instilling that into the hearts of our children is so important.

Look For Deals

Making a plan for each person is a great idea. Then when you go to shop for gifts, you can really look for the best offer. If you just decide to choose whatever you can find, then it can lead to a pretty meaningless gift and you could have got money off it. It does take some time, but there are plenty of coupons to find online, from a Macy’s coupon to a Target coupon. Whatever budget you have, you can still look for ways to get money off.

Choose One Big Gift

A lot of the cost of buying gifts is the smaller stocking stuffer gifts. They can be cheap individually, but when you have to buy a few of them, it can really add up, even though they are pretty useless ‘junk’ toys. So instead, think about getting one large gift instead of little small ones. Who is going to be bothered that they didn’t get small stocking stuffers if there is something like a new bike or trampoline? Other people can get smaller gifts for them, and you don’t need to have excess junk at home.

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