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Kia Rio 2012

I’ve spent a week driving around in a sporty looking 2012 Kia Rio. Right away, I was in the hot seat. As soon as I started the car (I love the push button start feature), I started playing around with all of the buttons, knobs, the screen and everything else. You know how I am. I decided to turn the heated seat feature on to give my back a little relief while driving. I have to wear loose skirts or dresses due to the location of my back injuries and I live in Georgia; thick skirts are not necessary. Think thin skirt. It didn’t take long before my derriere felt like I had sat on a hot plate. It also didn’t take me long to figure out how to set the settings right either. After I got that little issue taken care of, the rest of my driving experience was fantastic.

This car sits low to the ground. It was easy to get in and out of, even for me; I have to be careful not to damage my back any more than it already is, which requires swinging both of my legs in and out of a car at the same time. Normally I would worry about a small car due to safety reasons but the car has dual front advanced airbags, front seat-mounted side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags and an anti-lock brake system. Safety is definitely a high priority to me when searching for a new car. I want it to be safe for my passengers as well. I take the grandkids here and there quite frequently. They have school activities, dance, ball practice, cheerleading and church activities

Once in the car, I started focusing on the interior. The front has two bucket seats and the back has one long seat and as I mentioned it has heated seats. The seats are leather and the whole interior of the car is just really appealing. I did not focus a lot on the moonroof but I did go through the motions of opening and closing it. I could have done without this feature, but that is just a preference and it does not in any way deter my interest in this car.

There are so many other features with the car that I don’t really know where to begin. Besides the push start button, it has Bluetooth, SIRIUS satellite radio so I was able to skip commercials, a 7-inch navigation system with a rear-view camera which is really important when there are kids and pets around, and on top of that, it has a UVO voice-activated infotainment system. When you start the car it displays how many miles you can drive before running out of gas. I’m almost certain a tank of gas would last me a month with the great mileage the Kia Rio gets. The car averages 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway. In a 7 day period of driving the car everywhere I needed to go, and some places I went out of my way just to show others the car, I was not able to get the gas tank under 3/4 full. Amazing factor considering how much money I currently spend towards gas each week.

The trunk held everything I needed it to during the course of the week. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the size of it. It could hold a walker or wheelchair plus enough groceries to last weeks. I didn’t need extra trunk space but if I did I could have laid the back seats down.

As far as driving the car, it handled very well. It was not rough like I was afraid it would be considering how low it sits and the size of the tires. I felt certain I would feel every bump and pebble in the road but that was not the case. It was a comfortable drive in the driver’s seat with a surprising amount of horsepower. I did not have a chance to ride in the passenger seat or in the back seat but the grand-kids did and they didn’t have any complaints. Trust me, if it was uncomfortable in any way, they would have complained.

I had a great driving experience with the Kia Rio 2012. Its a really nice car for the money and it is packed with so many surprising features. And, like I mentioned before, its amazing on gas. The entire family approved and loved the Kia Rio. In my opinion, this car is worth your time to check out.