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Make Your Family Travel Easier with These Top Tips

The busy schedules of modern families often interfere with quality family time with any regularity. Vacations not only provide the chance for fun and relaxation but also offer the opportunity for reconnection among family members. Deciding when to go, where to go and what to see are only the beginning of the planning processes involved. Strategic planning ensures an enjoyable time for all with fewer hassles in the long run.

Make Your Family Travel Easier with These Top Tips

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1) Accommodating Accommodations

Compile a mental or a written list of amenities before conducting research on hotel or resort options. While most facilities today offer numerous extras that ensure the comfort of guests, some go the extra mile for families. A fridge in your room provides the option of storing beverages, snacks or food left over from dining out. Likewise, when in a hurry in the morning, the appliance serves as the perfect place for storing quick breakfasts that might include fresh fruit, juices or yogurt. Consider possible entertainment options. Some facilities offer pools with slides, playgrounds and activity rooms specially designed for younger guests. For an all-inclusive retreat with less to plan, consider a family friendly resort. Our trip to Hawaii would not have been the same without the excellent kids club at our top-notch Honolulu hotel recommended by fellow parents.  Some resorts have features similar to water parks or supervised adventures for kids while still providing you with the amenities parents desire.

2) Avoid Holiday Hassles

If planning a vacation around the 4th of July, remember that countless others travel during this holiday too. Numerous communities offer a variety of celebratory events that include fireworks displays, historic tours and lots of great American food. Beat the traffic and the crowds by finding a hotel with a clear balcony view of the nighttime festivities. Additionally, watching from a distance eliminates the fear that some little ones have of the loud noise. The convenience of enjoying the night in your room also means small children have the option of lying down if needed.

3) Keep It Interesting

When planning on visiting big cities, historical destinations or even national parks, whether somewhere in the country or abroad, consider joining a guided tour. Guides typically have the experience of offering fascinating information while pointing out special features that appeal to audiences of all ages. Guided tours may also highlight particular areas of interest that family members may agree require further visitation.  If you want a tour for the whole gang, look into Urban Adventure Quest, which allows you to download a city-specific scavenger hunt right to your smartphone.  You’ll be able to navigate your destination city by uncovering the next clue on a truly captivating adventure.

4) First Time Fliers

Children unfamiliar with air travel may experience motion sickness during take off, landings or turbulence. Keep meals light before the flight and ensure that youngsters hydrate well. Reserve seats over a wing of the aircraft, which offer more stability and less motion. Position the adjustable air vents so cool air circulates around the child. If children have a history of motion sickness, consult with a physician concerning possible remedies.

5) Me Time

While making travel preparations, keep in mind possible activities that also cater to adults. Enjoy an in-room movie and a glass of wine together after the children fall asleep. Think about dividing babysitting responsibilities between you and your spouse. Indulge in a day at a spa and let him play a round of golf the next day. While the kids are painting ceramics or learning to snorkel with their supervised kid’s club, take a moonlit stroll, have a candlelight dinner or get tickets for a show. It’s your vacation too, so make sure you’re able to relax.

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