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Outlander Sport ES 2013, Mitsubishi

I haven’t test driven any cars lately and I thought it was time to get behind the wheel again so I’ve got some car reviews to share. The first car I want to share with you is a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES, 2013 which I took on a trip to Florida. If you travel a lot, this is the vehicle for you; I was thrilled with the gas mileage. It would have taken us about 5 hours to reach our destination but we stopped a lot so it took about 7 hours, each way, give or take. We were away for 3 nights/4 days and although the reason for the sudden trip was because we had to go to a funeral, we did quite a bit of sightseeing while we were there. I started out with a full tank of gas and didn’t have to refuel until we were on our way back to Georgia. This is a really affordable vehicle for the gas mileage. The vehicle can be purchased for under $20,000 and if you do a little research, you could even find one under $15,000.

While I was impressed with the mileage, it’s the comfort that would encourage me to purchase an Outlander Sport ES, 2WD. I am a creature of comfort and I look for comfort when it comes to traveling. As nice as I think leather seats look, because of my back injuries, I prefer cloth. I do better traveling with cloth seats. I don’t like to fly although I do when I have to, instead, I prefer to travel by car when at all possible. The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES, 2013 doesn’t come with a lot of features which is the reason it’s more affordable than some SUVs, but it has everything I would seek when purchasing a new vehicle, minus the rear view monitor. Comfort!

The compact size is perfect for city life. You don’t need a lot of room to park this car versus some of the large SUVs. It’s roomy enough without being too roomy. This is a great choice for a small to medium size family. I didn’t have any problem fitting the kids, their toys they think they have to take everywhere we go and all of my packages when I took the kids for a drive and when we went shopping. It seats 5 easily and has a hatchback for groceries or almost anything you need to transport. We packed two huge plastic tubs full of food and other items for the family who lost the loved one, plus our luggage for two, in the hatch. Like I mentioned before, this is a comfortable vehicle. Even after a 7 hour trip of driving, I was ready to do some sightseeing when we arrived.

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is a nice looking ride on the interior and exterior. 4 doors 2 wheel drive. The full-color multi-information display was a nice plus while driving at night. I felt comfortable driving this vehicle with the safety, performance and comfort features. Although I didn’t take the kids on our trip, I did drive them around in the vehicle and as a parent/grandparent, I appreciated the child safety locks while they were in the car with me.

For a full list of features visit Mitsubishi Cars.

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