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Soup Up Your Truck for the Ultimate Road Trip Vehicle

Truck owners tend to be pretty fond of their vehicles. Some spend hours a day making sure their truck is clean and shiny, and in top condition. Even if you’re not that dedicated, your truck can be an excellent companion. In fact, they’re often ideal for taking road trips and generally traveling around, especially if you want to go off-road. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family, or a group of friends, your truck can serve you well when you go on a trip. There’s plenty of space for both passengers and luggage, and you might even hitch your accommodation to the back. With a few awesome add-ons and adjustments, your truck could be the perfect traveling pal.


Buy the Right Truck


If you want to have the perfect road trip truck, you should start off by buying the right one. If it’s not the right time for a new vehicle, don’t rush out and buy one. But if you’re considering a new truck already, you can shop with some particular requirements in mind. For example, if you want to tow a trailer with your truck, you should take a careful look at the towing capabilities of any model you consider. You should consider the truck’s gas mileage, how much space it has, and don’t forget how comfortable it is too. If you’re going to be spending long hours driving and perhaps bouncing around off-road, you want a comfy place to sit. Think carefully about the size and how easy the truck is to handle too.

Soup Up Your Truck for the Ultimate Road Trip Vehicle

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Get Better Fuel Economy


In the past, trucks have been famously fuel-guzzling. They’re still not the most economical of vehicles, but you can get more out of your truck today than you might once have done. If you want to go on long trips, you need your truck to have good fuel economy. You might be driving for a while without being able to stop for fuel. So even if you have some spare, you don’t want to use it up too quickly. If you want to make improvements, you could start by making some modifications. For example, a free flow exhaust system could help. Good aerodynamics for your truck can help too, and so can performing regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Driving steadily is also a good tip for conserving fuel.


Hitch a Trailer or RV


One of the best things about a truck is that they are ideal for taking a travel trailer on your trips. With a truck, you can attach a fifth-wheeler, which can give you plenty of living space for your travels. Part of the trailer sits over the bed of the truck, giving you more space. However, you need to be careful about selecting a trailer that’s right for your truck. The towing capacity of your truck isn’t the only thing to take into account. If you choose a trailer that’s too big, you could be crawling along the road. It will take you ages to get anywhere. If you have a particular size trailer in mind, it might be wise to pick a specific truck to tow it.


Boost the Suspension for Amazing Off-roading


Taking your truck off-road is one of the best ways to have an adventure with it. Trucks tend to be designed to handle a little rough terrain, but that doesn’t mean most of them can’t be improved upon. New suspension for your truck could make it much more capable for off-roading, and it could make it look awesome too. You can use an Ameraguard lift kit or something similar to raise your truck and give it killer suspension. Having a truck that can handle going off-road means you can explore further and create some thrilling fun. Your truck might be ready to go on some rough country roads, but it might need some updates if you want to get really wild.

Soup Up Your Truck for the Ultimate Road Trip Vehicle

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Make Sure the Wheels Are Tough


Taking a good look at your wheels is also important if you want to go off-roading. But even if you’re staying safely on the highway, you want your tires to improve the performance of your truck. The right wheels can help to boost the fuel economy of your truck and give you better control while you’re driving. It’s also important to make sure that they’re balanced and aligned, so a check up for your truck before you go on a trip is a good idea. If you’re traveling in the winter, you might even want to consider tougher winter tires or using snow chains in some locations.


Put Together a Solid Emergency Kit


Any road-trip-ready truck needs to have the right supplies. Although they might not count as permanent or even big changes to your truck, there are lots of things you can make sure you always have with you. You should always be prepared for an emergency, including suddenly breaking down or running out of fuel. Making sure you have all you need to change a tire, repair a puncture, and do basic repairs for your truck will help you keep going on your journey. As well as having emergency items for your truck, it’s useful to have things for you too. A flashlight, plenty of water, and a tent are just some of the things that could come in handy if you get into any trouble.


Set Up Your Truck for Top Pet Travel


There’s nothing like taking your dog on an adventure with you. And some people even take their cats adventuring with them by training them to walk on a harness. If you want your truck to be the ultimate road trip vehicle and you love taking your pet with you, you need somewhere for them to be comfortable. For smaller animals, a travel kennel or carrier is often the best option to hold them. For larger animals, a pet barrier can sometimes be better because it helps you to section off part of your vehicle, keeping both you and your pet safe. You can get great dog cages that are useful for trucks too.


Make Your Truck Family-friendly


A truck isn’t necessarily the first choice of vehicle for anyone who has kids. They might not seem the most practical, but they can make good family vehicles. And if you want to take the kids on a road trip, a truck helps you make sure everyone has fun. Choosing the right truck should be your first step to getting a family-friendly one. Safety needs to be your priority, so look for the latest safety features. You can also modify your truck to make it safer. You’ll need to add car seats for your younger children to keep them safe. Of course, it’s not all about safety. Making the truck a fun place to be for your kids means providing them with entertainment too. Playing car games can only get you so far, so it’s always good to have backup. A stereo that will let you play any of your music and devices (with headphones) so your kids can watch TV and play video games will help to keep peace in the back seat.

Soup Up Your Truck for the Ultimate Road Trip Vehicle

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Entertainment for You


As well as entertaining the kids, you want to make sure you don’t get bored. Of course, when you’re driving, you’ll mostly be concentrating on the road. But it’s still good to have something to listen to, especially when there are long stretches with nothing particularly interesting to look at. So a good sound system might be a priority for you. If you don’t already have a decent stereo, you might want to consider upgrading your truck’s audio. Whether you like to rock out to some tunes, listen to your favorite talk radio, or put an audiobook on, you should be able to enjoy great sound.


Take on the Ultimate Project


You could tow a trailer on your trip, take a tent, or sleep in hotels and motels along the way. Or you could modify your truck so that it can serve as your home on its own for the whole of your journey. With the right DIY know-how, you could take on an awesome project to turn your truck into a camper. You can build a bed frame that fits into the back of your truck and even use the space under the bed to store everything you need.


If this sounds like too much work, there is an alternative. You don’t have to build it yourself. You can buy a tent that fits into the bed of your truck, so you’ll always have somewhere to sleep. If there’s no comfortable ground, just put your tent up on your truck instead. Some of them even extend out from your truck to give you even more space. You can also buy a truck bed air mattress that you can easily fit for minimal hassle.


Trucks make excellent choices for road trips, especially if you’re planning on a long journey. Get your truck as ready as it can be if you want to have as much fun as possible.

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