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Teen Bedroom Nightmare To Orderly Functional Living Space

Have you ever poked your head around the door of your teen’s bedroom and just gasped in horror at the mess? Let’s face it – teens are busy youngsters. They have so much study and homework to do. They probably work a job on the weekends, and their social lives are full. Of course, they don’t have time to tidy! Still, you’re a busy mom, and you definitely don’t have time to navigate the obstacle course that used to be your child’s bedroom floor just to pick up his laundry.

So what can you do? Some psychologists believe that teens actually like things tidy and organized. Like us, they prefer that everything has its place. After all, it’s easier to put things back tidily if we know exactly where to put it. And no teen wants poor mom to have to work any harder around the house. This is why a teen’s bedroom needs to be full of easy to use storage solutions that simply provides space for everything in an orderly fashion.


Start with the closet space. After all, you’re fed up with picking clean and dirty clothes off the floor, right? You might want to negotiate with your teen about which fashion items are to be put out for gifting. Teens can become very sentimental at this age. Even if he doesn’t wear it, he might not be ready to part with it. You can always put it in a storage bag for the basement for now. As for the rest, keep it simple. How about tees, then shirts, then trousers, then shorts? Separate everything with a rail marker, or simply use separate rails.

Teen Bedroom Nightmare To Orderly Functional Living Space

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Shoes end up everywhere. Has your teen ever lost just one? Shoe tidies like sneaker shelves can help your teen put away his off-season footwear, so there is more space for the shoes he is wearing a lot right now. Now you’ve got his closet in order, it’s time to apply the same principles to the rest of the room.

Value Pride

Helping your child have a sense of pride in his belongings is important. For a start, it helps him understand the value of things. Provide storage boxes or drawers for pens and paper. That way he can keep his desk top clear for working on. Provide a bookcase with ample storage for all his books and magazines. A shelf for each will help him keep things organized and tidy ongoing. Cable tidies are very handy if your teen has computers, consoles, and TVs in his room. Why not add a small display cabinet for all the items he’s proud of? This might include trophies or just a few collectibles.

If towels end up on the floor, why not provide a towel rail near the door? At least it will have a chance to dry! Last, but not least, a dirty laundry basket is a must. Something with a wide opening and no lid will offer you both the best chance of everything ending up in there instead of on the bedroom floor! The easier you can make it for him to keep the room tidy, the better chance he’ll have of achieving it. How do you problem-solve a messy teen bedroom?