The Definitive Guide To Better Health

Good health is about adopting a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to balance the things in your life to ensure that the body, mind, and soul are balanced too. With our busy lifestyles, it can be incredibly difficult to find the balance we need to ensure we are happy and healthy. Most of us have a lot going on at work and at home. We end up prioritizing things to make it through a day. But this can mean we are neglecting our own health.

There are several things that can affect our health in good ways and bad ways. They are sleep, diet, exercise, mental balance, and our work-life balance. To make sure your health is as good as it can be, follow this definitive guide to getting the best out of your life:


Most of us have suffered a sleepless night once or twice in our lives. It can actually be far more harmful to suffer this than you may think. Sleep is essential for resting. But it also files away every aspect of our experiences each day. It is essential for memory, learning, and focus of the mind. Without good quality sleep, we can quickly become emotionally volatile. We lose our clarity of thought and make errors in judgment.

It is those errors in judgment and a slower reaction time that can cause road traffic accidents in the morning rush. Quality sleep means our minds feel fresh and calm. We’re able to judge distances accurately and make split-moment decisions as needed. As well as visual cues, we can better read physical cues too. If you’re suffering a lack of sleep, you may find your balance could be a little off, or it’s harder to take on physical tasks like lifting heavy objects. You could even be more prone to hurting yourself.

The worst problems with sleep can culminate in insomnia. Insomnia is particularly harmful as it can last for many nights. Even if you are excessively tired, it’s important to stick to a strict bedtime routine. You should also make sure you have had plenty of fresh air and exercise. Eating well from a choice of healthy options will also help you get your sleeping routine back on track. Of course, ill health can disrupt your sleeping patterns. Insomnia can even be a symptom of some illnesses. If you haven’t slept well for a while, speak to your doctor.


We all know that we should eat well to maintain our health. But it is widely believed that what we eat could, in fact, improve our health. Superfood is a term that has been used a lot in the last few years. It is a popular phrase used to describe foods that are particularly nutritious or have more benefits to eating them than expected. Such foods include blueberries, oats, almonds, cucumbers, and lemons. There are many others, so it’s worth trying to include them into your diet each week.

There is an article at that describes the many benefits of lemons to our health. It is thought that lemon juice in warm water can be a particularly beneficial first thing in the morning. As many of us know that staying hydrated with water is essential to good health, it can be a relief to know flavoring it with lemon provides further benefits. Coconuts are also becoming very popular for their health benefits. The water from coconuts has become a trendy drink you can find in the chiller cabinet to help with weight loss for example.

Of course, a healthy diet isn’t just about eating fruits and vegetables. It is also important to stay away from refined or processed foods. These often contain ingredients that are considered harmful to our health. They may also be packing far more calories and fat than we actually need in our diet. This can lead to obesity. It is also important to ensure we are eating well from all the essential food groups. Proteins, dairy, and fiber are often lacking in our diets. Nuts, lean chicken, and low-fat cheese can all be highly beneficial in the right quantities.


Exercise keeps our bodies working. Doing the things it was designed to do is essential for it to stay healthy. Many of us have office jobs. This means we are sat for very long periods of time barely moving. The human body simply isn’t built for that. Instead, we should be standing and walking. The posture can be very poor if you sit for long periods according to This can lead to aching and strains in the back and neck. Regular exercise can strengthen the muscles and correct the posture problems caused by our jobs.

It’s important that we walk several miles a day. This is difficult to do when you work in an office. But you can walk to the office instead of driving. You could also take a walk on your lunch break. More and more people are seeing the benefit of standing workstations and standing meetings. Employers are also offering gym equipment in the workplace or discounted gym memberships. Perhaps you could join a workplace sports team, or try a lunchtime fitness class at your nearby sports center?

The cheapest and most effective exercises you can do are walking and jogging. Yoga is also a very good way to improve your strength and posture. It is also thought to provide excellent benefits for the mind too. If you’re struggling to fit in plenty of exercises each day, it could be time to rethink your lifestyle. While a boot camp may shift a few pounds quickly, it’s important to consider a routine that could be continued for the rest of your life. Perhaps you could include your family or a colleague so that it can be more socially enjoyable?

Mental Balance

It is true that hormone imbalances can upset the balance of our minds too. But more often than not, emotional upset and a lack of focus is a symptom of stress. To keep stress at bay, it is important not to overwork. Excessive workloads can increase your anxiety levels and quickly turn into stress or depression. If you feel that there is too much to do and not enough time to do it, it’s time to make some changes.

While over-stimulation can be harmful to our mental balance, so can under-stimulation. Boredom can cause fatigue, but also lead us to overeat, for the sake of something to do. Keeping your mind sharp as you age is also important. To give your mind plenty of interesting stimulation, why not take up crossword puzzles or sudoku? Playing a musical instrument is another way to stimulate the brain and keep it active.

Meditation is a good way to soothe an overly busy mind. We all have days where we’re constantly going over a problem we have. Sleeping on a problem usually helps us arrive at a satisfactory solution. But getting to sleep can be rather challenging at these times. Write the things down that are bothering you, then try some meditation or Yoga to help calm the mind. Your focus will improve, and you’ll find it easier to get some rest.

Work-life Balance

Balancing the challenges of life is never easy. Taking care of your family will always be your priority. But you have a career to progress as well. This requires a few sacrifices. You may have to stay late, start early, and even work the weekends. All of this takes time away from your family. Then, of course, are your commitments to a healthy lifestyle. How can you fit that in along with everything else? Having a good balance is essential to your happiness. Your social life and family life are key to your happiness too. Hobbies and interests will also provide a sense of personal satisfaction if you can find the time to fit them in!

It’s important to have hobbies and interests, but sometimes it’s best to stick to those you can dip in and out of without routine. Building things, learning new things, and creating things are all important parts of us. This is why drawing, reading, and woodwork makes such great hobbies. Yes, work can get in the way of doing them. But having them there when you’re ready can be very satisfying.

Quality time with the family is something that you should prioritize. Have a routine. Maybe each Saturday afternoon is family time no matter what. You might have a meal together or head to a hockey match together. It’s about the quality time when it comes to family. There may not be much time, but what you do with it is what counts. Your family knows your career is important, so switching off from work mode to be with them will be very much appreciated. It’s just as important to their personal happiness as it is to yours.

Perhaps time will always be the one thing we are short of. It certainly seems to be the most precious. Make extra time for your health this year so you can enjoy excellent health for life.

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