The Truth About CBD Oil Prices Nobody Wants You to Know

The Truth About CBD Oil Prices Nobody Wants You to Know

The CBD industry is already worth well over $1 billion. And the thought is that it could reach the $20 billion mark within the next five years.

If you’re thinking about buying CBD oil for the first time, this might leave you asking the question, “Is CBD oil expensive?” The CBD oil price has to be on the higher side for the industry to be bringing in that kind of money, right?

Before you start shopping around for CBD oil and trying to track down the lowest CBD oil cost, you should find out the answer to this question. You should also find out the answers to other questions related to the price of CBD oil.

Check out some of these questions below.

Is CBD Oil Expensive?

It’s not necessarily easy for all of the CBD companies that are out there to make CBD oil. In order to do it, they have to carefully extract CBD from cannabis plants that are high in CBD and low in THC. This can take a lot of time and effort on their part!

This is a big part of the reason why the answer to the question, “Is CBD oil expensive?”, is almost always a resounding “yes!” The production process often drives the price of CBD oil up.

Generally speaking, people can expect to pay anywhere from $0.02 to $0.20 for every milligram of CBD found in a bottle. The final price that they’ll have to pay varies depending on:

  • The company selling the CBD oil
  • The potency of the CBD oil
  • The size of the CBD oil bottle

It’s not uncommon for people to spend $100 or more on a single bottle of CBD oil that will last them a month or two. It all depends on the factors that we just mentioned. There are so many companies selling CBD oil that it’s hard to know what is a rip-off and what’s good value. Healthworx is a pretty popular one, you can read an Anti Aging Ninja review about their products here.

Why Does CBD Oil Cost So Much Money?

A few moments ago, we touched on how the production process that’s involved in creating a bottle of CBD oil plays a huge role in the cost of it. But we should also point out that there’s another big reason why CBD oil will usually cost you a nice chunk of change.

There has been a ton of debate in recent years over whether or not CBD oil is safe and effective. The FDA hasn’t yet approved it, so this debate continues to rage on without any resolution.

One way that CBD companies are working to get around this is by hiring third-party companies to test out their CBD products. These third-party companies are able to put their stamp of approval onto CBD products, thus making them more legitimate in the eyes of those thinking about using CBD.

It’s great for CBD companies to have the backing of these third parties. But at the same time, the costs associated with hiring them is driving the price of CBD oil way up.

The good news is that, over time, many of these costs should start to disappear since CBD companies aren’t going to have to keep third-party companies on their payroll forever. That should (hopefully!) bring CBD oil prices back down to earth in a hurry.

How Can I Bring the Cost of CBD Oil Down?

If you’re a big believer in the power of CBD oil, the price tag on it might not scare you at all. You might be willing to pay whatever price CBD companies ask for to get your hands on CBD oil.

But even if you love CBD oil and think it’s well worth the CBD oil cost, you should still try your hardest to save money on it whenever you can. There are lots of ways that you can trim your spending when it comes to CBD oil.

To save money on CBD oil, you should consider:

  • Taking advantage of the promo codes that CBD companies often send out to new and existing customers via email or text
  • Searching the internet for promo codes for CBD oil prior to placing orders
  • Shopping for CBD oil around most major holidays when many CBD companies offer deep discounts
  • Buying CBD oil in bulk to bring the per-milligram price of it down
  • Signing up for the loyalty programs that many CBD companies have put into place

Although CBD oil can be on the expensive side when you have to pay full price for it, you can almost always find a way to save money on it when ordering it. Try all of the things that we just mentioned to save money on CBD oil.

Is It OK to Use Cheap CBD Oil?

In an effort to save money on CBD oil, some people have started to order the cheapest CBD oils they can find, including those manufactured by companies no one has ever heard of before. This might not be the best approach to take.

If you order CBD oil from a company that doesn’t have a good reputation in the CBD industry, you will usually end up with an inferior CBD oil. It might not provide you with all the benefits you’ve come to expect from high-quality CBD oils.

You’re better off ordering CBD oils that cost a little more to ensure you’re using a CBD oil that will set you up with the biggest benefits. It’ll be well worth it on your part.

Find CBD Oil for the Right Price and Start Using It Today

So often, the answer to the question, “Is CBD oil expensive?”, is yes. But as you’ve learned today, there are a bunch of good reasons for that.

There are also a bunch of easy ways to lower the price of CBD oil if you want to save money. By doing something as simple as punching in a promo code when ordering CBD oil online, you can make your CBD cost less than it would otherwise.

Interested in trying to find out how to save money in other areas of your life? Browse through the articles on our blog to learn all kinds of money-saving tips and tricks.

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